Top 5 Things To Expect On Sororities Bid Day

Sorority recruitment can be downright stressful. You can’t come right out and say how much you love this sorority, and it’s nearly impossible to know if the women of a chapter are loving you as much as you are loving them. However, once all is said and done and you no longer have to say your name and major a minimum of 30 times a day, you finally get to that moment of truth. Bid day.

It can be nerve-racking as you are handed a mysterious envelope with a bid inside. However, not everything is a mystery. Here are five things you can definitely expect on bid day.

1. Expect freebies

Your new sisters will be just as excited as you are to have you represent their chapter. They know that after days, or for some school weeks, of recruitment, you are beyond happy to have finally found your home. So, of course, you want to be able to wear it loud and proud. You’ll most certainly be spoiled with at least a sweatshirt that has your sorority’s name on it and most like several other miscellaneous yet¬†adorable gifts.

2. Expect an overload of hugs

You will not know 90% of the people who are hugging you but go with it. There is so much love going around on this night there is no better way to start off this new part of your life but than to embrace it.

3. Be prepared to be a little overwhelmed

Although bid night is exhilarating and a huge relief as you’ve finally found your place, don’t feel bad if you feel a little overwhelmed. Being surrounded by so many people you don’t know can be a little intimidating, but rest assured that you will very quickly get to know all of these women and understand why you are all in the same place.

4. Your social media accounts are about to go crazy

Another great thing about having over 100 new sisters is over 100 new followers. Get ready for bid day and the several days following to be filled with all of your new sisters adding you on social media, commenting on photos and posting on your Facebook wall about how excited they are to have you.

5. You will feel so loved

The greatest part of bid day is that everyone shows a genuine interest in getting to know you, because they really do. You can tell that these people you’re surrounded by care about you even if you’ve just met, and it’s easy to see why you are¬†sisters.

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