7 Beginner Yoga Poses To Practice For A Better Body

If you’re like many of us who enjoy alternative ways of working out that don’t involve weight lifting at a stuffy gym, you may be able to appreciate the art of Yoga. This exercise method is a great way to strengthen the body, build lean muscles, and stretch out any stressed-out body parts you didn’t know you had. Here are the best poses to practice from the comfort of your home that’ll get you started:

1. Child’s Pose

Woman doing childs pose on a yoga mat


This restful pose helps stretch your hips and lower back. Breathing through any tightness you may feel can relieve fatigue on the mind and body.

2. Downward Facing Dog

Woman practicing the downward facing dog yoga pose on her yoga mat


This pose activates the top half and lower half of your body simultaneously. It can strengthen your quads as well as build upper body strength if the pose is difficult to maintain.

3. Warrior Pose

Man practicing warrior pose on his yoga mat


Warrior pose can help you align your body for better form as well as build endurance and strength. Start with Warrior 1, into Warrior 2, and ending in Warrior 3.

4. Cobra Pose

Woman practicing cobra pose on her yoga mat


Cobra pose is an excellent way for stretching the upper body, something that is often overlooked. Many tend to only stretch their limbs, so a pose like this is great if you’ve found yourself neglecting your chest, shoulders, and abdomen.

5. Plank Pose

Woman practicing plank pose on her yoga mat


Being able to hold a plank pose is a good indicator of where your physical health lies. It can be challenging for those with weak upper body strength and poor core strength. This pose strengthens your core, tones your abs, and strengthens your spine.

6. Seated Forward Bend

Woman practicing seated forward bend in her home


Forward bends are great for stretching out the lower back and hamstrings. It can take some time to do the pose correctly. It’s okay if you can’t even touch your toes. Breathing through it, maintaining patience, and practicing this pose regularly will have you improving in no time. You can also try the standing variation of this pose for a little more challenge.

7. Tree Pose

Woman practicing tree pose


Tree pose can be challenging to master if balancing on one foot is not your forte. However, practicing continuously can strengthen your ankles and calves and build your confidence when you finally succeed at holding this pose steady!

Remember to breathe deeply and hold each pose until you feel your body has gotten all the relaxation and power it could from it. Consider getting a yoga mat to minimize any discomfort you may feel practicing poses on hard floors. With patience and practice, you can be a yoga pro in no time!

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