Top 5 Best Things To Do On A Weekend In

There’s nothing like staying at home on the weekend. Especially since, we’ve had to do that for awhile. With more people getting vaccinated, weekends in are about to no longer be necessary. However, they are still fun. Here are the five best ways to spend a weekend inside.

Binge An Entire Season of a Series

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Is that show you’ve always wanted to watch finally on a streaming service? Want to revisit one of your favorite seasons of your favorite shows? Stay inside binging the whole season. It’s so much fun. And you’ll likely be able to finish all the episodes, as long as you start on Friday night, and commit.

Go Through A Podcast

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Pretty much the same thing as binging a season of a series, just with a podcast this time. Podcasts can be difficult to listen to, unless you’re going on a road trip, or at the gym. So dedicate your entire weekend to discovering a new podcast, or catching up on an old favorite.

Do An At-Home Workout

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Who says you have to spend an at-home weekend sitting on the couch? Most people. Understandably so. However, doing an at-home workout is a great way to stay healthy, and feel great. It’s also time to check out a new workout video that you want to try.


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Writing is something that can be very therapeutic for people. You can journal, write a story or poem, get organized, or just make a list of things you want listed.

Order from a Local Restaurant


Don’t want to cook? Want to try a local restaurant, but don’t want to leave the house? Check if the restaurant is on a delivery app, and order in! It’s a great way to support local businesses, and maybe find a new favorite restaurant.

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