5 Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Fashionable TV Shows

There are many television shows that have shown main and recurring characters in an outfit that has shaped pop culture, but there are very few television characters whose entire wardrobes shaped pop culture.

Many Instagram users run pages that are centered around outfits from their favorite television shows, and these five Instagram users are some of the many Instagram users who post about iconic fashion from 90s and 00s tv shows.

What Fran Wore

An ode to the style of The Nanny’s main character Fran Sheffield; Shan Brown’s Instagram page has high quality photos of Ms. Sheffield’s ensembles from November 1993 to June 1999 that are followed by Brown’s well researched outfit descriptions in the captions.

Every Outfit On Sex and the City

Designer and social media consultant Chelsea Fairless and Writer and director Lauren Garroni post pictures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha’s daytime and nighttime NYC based attire in the TV series and movies along with their personal opinions about said attire that were put together by renowned fashion designer and stylist Patricia Field.

Every Outfit on Girlfriends

Ran by an anonymous Instagram user, this Instagram page has screenshot images of Girlfriends characters Joan, Toni, Maya, Lynn and Monica’s on screen looks that represented their personalities, aesthetics, aspirations and socioeconomic status throughout the show’s eight seasons.

Fashion in The O.C.

If you’re a Gen Zer who wants to wear a Marissa Cooper, Summer Roberts, Kirsten Cohen or Julie Cooper inspired outfit after watching episodes of The O.C. on HBO Max, This anon ran page with chronologically ordered posts has seasonal style guides that’ll help you duplicate your favorite outfits in a modern way.

Every Gossip Girl Fit

This unidentifiable blogger and Gossip Girl fan analyzes and ranks all of the outfits that Queen Bee Blair Waldorf and It Girl Serena van der Woodsen wore throughout the show’s six season run on The CW in chronological order, and it currently analyzing and ranking Blair and Serena’s Season 2 outfits.



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