6 Instagram Pages That’ll Enhance Your Wardrobe

We all purchase clothing, shoes and accessories from the same popular offline and online fashion brands, and this causes us to have narrow horizons when it comes to fashion.

Instagram is one of the many social media platforms that allows a plethora of up and coming or obscure fashion designers and fashion brands to gain followers and increase their revenue; and I’m going to recommend six of those designers and brands to you.

Jaded London

Established by siblings Jade and Grant Goulden, Jaded LDN is a flourishing UK clothing brand that drops collections inspired by different fashion eras of the 20th century. The clothing brand has 717,000 followers on Instagram, and their clothing has been worn by Beyoncé, Cara Delevinge, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora.


Launched by Rumi Neely in 2014, ARE YOU AM I is a high end clothing line that sells modern women’s clothing, jewelry and lingerie in neutral colors. The clothing brand has 604,000 followers on Instagram, and is frequented by Ariana Grande, Jourdan Dunn, Rina Sawayana, Aoki Lee Simmons and Sydney  J Harper.

Body By Raven Tracy

Model, entrepreneur, and good vibes advocate Raven Tracy, founded her own fashion brand, Body by Raven Tracy. Body by Raven Tracy consists of crop tops, tank tops, hoodies, sweatpants, leggings, bodysuits, sleeveless dresses, and tote bags in a wide range of colors that are moderately priced and incredibly sought after and sold out.

Sheridan Tjhung 

Hand made in Australia, Sheridan Tjhung is a luxury brand that creates high quality jumpers, bags, masks, scarves, veils, chains, nail polish and candle sets. Rina Sawayama and Dita Von Teese are two of the brand’s 18,500 Instagram followers.

Taco Rosey 

Taco Rosey is an unseen California based tattoo artist who also up-cycles clothing, accessories, and lingerie with acrylic paint and rhinestones. The artist is currently selling upcycled underwear sets and individual thongs on a website by the same name.

Sneha Moorthy

Sneha Moorthy is an Indian artist with a rising social media presence who up-cycles clothing that she finds and purchases from thrift stores like GoodWill. She sells her upcycled pieces on her Instagram page and Depop shop, and donates 20 percent of her profits.


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