The 6 Best Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day

Stressful days are not a mystery to anyone, especially to college kids. The whole college experience is wrapped around with stress, and sadly it follows us into adulthood with jobs, bills, etc. Stress is dangerous to our bodies and minds. People can become hospitalized due to something stress-induced, and it’s not an experience one wants to go through. It’s best to take very well care for yourself during stressful times. After all, if you take care of your body, you should also take care of the way you’re feeling. Here are six ways to relax after a stressful day.

a woman taking off her heels


Get Comfortable

Number one is t get comfortable. Take off the outside shoes, makeup, pants, bra, everything! Feels weightless right? Less restricted and able to breathe more. Those clothes are what you wore that day, and it’s just a reminder of how awful it was. Best to put on pajamas or loungewear and your comfiest slippers the minute you get home. Put them away for out them in the laundry to wash away the day. Anything to make you feel freer from the day.

A woman taking a relaxing bath


Take A Shower Or Bath

Another way to help yourself destress and to boost your mood a bit is to take a hot/warm shower or bath. Hot water will help relax your muscles from the day, and it’s a fantastic way to take some “me time,” necessary me time. You’re also washing away the day from your body. Put on your favorite playlist, light a candle maybe, use your favorite best smelling soap, body wash, bath bomb and enjoy. Make sure your phone is on airplane mode or do not disturb mode again it’s your time.

A person holding a mug with the word "unplug" on it



Unplug, unplug, unplug. It’s probably one of the most said things when it comes to relaxing, but it’s true. Social media can be a danger to us. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, emails, all of it can have you stressing big time. Once you get home, stop working on those emails, do not look at any social media sites, for a few hours. It won’t hurt you, and they’ll still be there once you get back. You are not missing out anything for a few hours. If you still find it hard to be detached from technology, one you just realized an addiction, two watch some t.v., head over to Netflix, Hulu, HBO and watch some shows and movies. As for your phone try not to use it much besides using it to pick out music.

 A girl writing in her journal


Do Something Creative/Fun

You can’t draw? That does not matter here. Do something you enjoy and don’t focus on whether or not being good at it. Enjoy what you do. Take out a piece of paper and draw anything, if you enjoy writing then write, poetry, short story to how things you’re thinking about or how you’re feeling at the moment. It’s very therapeutic. Plus, it’s a great way to get all your thoughts in order and ease your mind a bit. Dancing, coloring in a coloring book, painting, etc. Just do anything that you genuinely enjoy.

A person meditating



As corny as it sounds, meditating works and it’s an effective way to feel peaceful. Put on a relaxing playlist on, for example, a good one would be Peaceful Retreat playlist on Spotify, find a nice quiet area, grab your crystals or anything you think would be useful and begin meditating. Take that time to think of positive and calming thoughts. Think of things that make you happy, things that you would like to attract or don’t think of anything at all. Just breathe in and out. If you’d like to multitask put on a facemask and while waiting for the timer to go off meditate.

 A woman in therapy sitting on a couch


Go To Therapy

If you have the opportunity to attend therapy sessions, then GO! Therapy is not just for people battling mental disorders, it’s a great place to calm down and vent about your day to someone. Your therapist is able to give you advice, or just sit there and listen to you, whichever. You won’t regret it and odds are you’ll feel better afterward.

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