The Perfect Summer Nail Color For Each Zodiac Sign

When it comes to nail polishes and zodiac signs, many people think that the nail polishes that are associated with their sun signs are abysmal or stereotypical; causing them to give zodiac themed nail polish collections an eye role and a side eye.

Taking this known fact into consideration, I conscientiously picked twelve nail polish colors that are perfect for the summer and will hopefully satisfy all of the sun signs.

Aries: China Glaze’s Flame-Boyant

When the deceased Mary Alice narrated the eighteenth episode of Desperate Housewives, she stated that Eva Longoria’s character Gabrielle Solis knew that red was her color; and Mary Alice’s statement instantly made me think about how well you decisive and fiery ladies will represent your sun sign by donning China Glaze’s bright red Flame-Boyant nail polish on your fingers and toes this summer.

Taurus: MAC’s Silver Dew

You Venusian ladies are hardworking, independent and self-assured individuals who have an affinity for the finer things in life like Taurus icon Kimora Lee Simmons, and MAC’s silver and sparkly Silver Dew nail polish will match the luxurious surroundings that you’ll find yourselves in during these notoriously humid months.

Gemini: Essie’s Tangerine Tease

Alike Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’s main character Lola Cep, you Mercury ruling ladies are creative, bold and dramatic individuals who have a tendency of bending the truth; making Essie’s Tangerine Tease your signature nail color for a season that is often associated with your sign’s personality traits.

Cancer: OPI’s Closer Than You Might Belem

This sea colored hue is a perfect fit for you sensitive, sentimental and intuitive moon ruling mermaids who will most likely be by the beach, in the water and looking up into the evening sky in pure and utter happiness and contentment when it’s officially the first day of summer.

Leo: Milani’s Gold Glitz

As the proud and regal showgirls of the zodiac, an outer appearance that matches you guys’ larger-than-life ambitions and personality is essential; making Milani’s Gold Glitz nail lacquer a mani and pedi must that’ll get you the male and female attention that you crave and love this summer.

Virgo: Dermelect’s All The Envy

When Beyoncé Knowles-Carter proudly stated that she was the boss instead of bossy, she was describing you sangfroid, perfection seeking and venerable ladies who represent one third of the earth signs; and Dermelect’s All The Envy nail yellow-green polish will mesh with your busy and prosperous summer plans that you guys set up months ago.

Libra: Essie’s Birthday Girl

Despite constantly being labeled the genial peacekeepers by the the other astrological signs, libra are glamour pusses who love a good party; and Essie’s light pink and glittery Birthday Girl is the perfect summer polish that’ll allow these Venusian ladies to show other people that they’re the chameleons of the astrological signs.

Scorpio: Insight Cosmetics Color 316

Generally elusive, enigmatic and intense, scorpion females partake in summer adventures that only their closest and dearest family and friends know about; and Insight Cosmetics Color 316 nail polish will be a deep and richly colored tag along when they finally figure out what they’re going to be doing this summer and where they’re going to be doing it at.

Sagittarius: Essie’s The Fuschia Of Art

Similar to scorpion females, you free spirited archers go on summer escapades that match your optimistic nature; and Essie’s warm and bright neon purple nail polish The Fuschia Of Art will add some much needed cohesion to your upcoming escapades and colorful wardrobes.

Capricorn: Orly’s Rock The World

Much like virgo females, you diligent, intelligent, and money motivated goats have summer plans that’ll benefit you and your bright future; and what better way to show people that you are striving to be the best that you can possibly be than to coat your ten fingers and toes with Orly’s brown and copper Rock The World nail polish.

Aquarius: Kester Black’s Barbie

Extremely eccentric, exuberant and giving; the water bearing aquarian females are constantly being themselves, going 100 miles per hours and helping anybody that they can; making Kester Black’s hot pink barbie nail polish an best summer nail color for the eleventh zodiac sign.

Pisces: Sally Hansen’s Luna Pearl

Pisces females and cancer females have many parallels when it comes to their personalities; making the fishy females the pearls that the cancer mermaids will discover and connect with, and also making Sally Hansen’s white and opalescent Luna Pearl nail polish the perfect summer color for their nails.

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