8 Fashion Trends That Need To Make A Comeback

Fashion trends are just reminders of the different eras that older generations have experienced, and when a significant amount of time has passed, many other old fashion trends from older generations will also be recycled and elevated for the current generation.

This ancient concept is exciting for people who love anything that screams nostalgia, but this concept is also dreaded by people who hated those nostalgic trends when they were younger. 

As a 21-year-old experiencing nostalgia and dread from recycled trends, I have decided to write about the 8 timeless and glamorous fashion trends that need to make a comeback.


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An accessory thatโ€™s associated with old Hollywood and religion, solid and printed headscarves add oomph to casual outfits; and the possible resurgence of this vintage accessory might make a lot of young women realize that they shouldnโ€™t be wearing satin bonnets out in public.


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Utilized to tighten incredibly loose articles of clothing, brooches are classic pins that can be used to make many seemingly simple male and female garments into archive pieces that can only be witnessed at the most obscure fashion museums, ateliers, and grand couturiers.


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Historically aligned with aristocracy and hyper-femininity, the possible return of long and short gloves can be a perfect addition to a casual or formal look thatโ€™s fresher than spring or cooler than winter.


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This soft, luxurious, and fabulous China-made fabric is another old Hollywood favorite that can still be seen on numerous red carpets and runways and could easily become a trend amongst the low and middle class if more fashion brands and consignment shops make this high-quality fabric more affordable and accessible.


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Worn by medieval knights to prevent skin irritation and peril, these neck-covering sweaters have received a lot of unnecessary ridicule from younger generations over the years; but the simplicity and practicality of these long, short, and sleeveless uncropped turtlenecks may allow these sweaters to come back in style.


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These roomy coats were worn in medieval times for weather and fashion purposes, and the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot along with the original series might allow capes to have a moderate fashion comeback.


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Popularized by French fashion designer Christian Dior during the war years, this high waisted and flared fabric shape had a tiny resurgence that resulted in subpar casual and formalwear. With that being said, I hope to see well-done peplums that donโ€™t sit too high or make women look like theyโ€™re expecting.


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Akin to glamour and the arts, this draped accessory has risen and fallen in popularity in various decades; but they can make a permanent return if they become more elevated and polished.