Here’s Why Guys Move Slow In Relationships

Starting a new relationship is exciting for a lot of people. However, it’s important to remember that everyone moves in a relationship at their own personal pace. Some people move very fast and some move very slowly. This is especially true for men.

Why is that, you ask? Well, the answer isn’t always clear. A lot of men have their own personal reasons for doing the things they do in a relationship, and their partners react to them in different ways, but a lot of them agree that moving slow is an ideal thing for a relationship, especially when it’s new, and here’s why:

To build a connection

Young couple holding hands


A new relationship is always exciting when you first start out, and when you take it slow, and you really get to know each other, then it can stay exciting. Moving too fast in a relationship and missing milestones can lead to feelings of confusion and mistrust among partners, because they aren’t really sure what to call their relationship. Moving slow can ensure that partners are building a connection, and creating a bond that lasts.

To make sure it’s not puppy love


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One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that it’s important to distinguish feelings of infatuation from feelings of true love. There’s a big difference between being in love with someone and simply being attracted to them. If these feelings aren’t separated, partners could end up rushing into a relationship that’s doomed to fail, chasing a spark that was never really there. Moving slowly can help people understand their emotions further, and it can save them from rushing into something that wasn’t built to last.

To make sure there’s no red flags

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How a person behaves in the first week you know them isn’t a sure-fire way to know how they’ll be in a year, or even a month. By the time you might realize that there’s something you might not like about your partner, it might be too late to do something about it without people getting hurt in the process. By taking things slow, you can take time to really get to know someone, and you can make the decision for yourself on whether you want to spend the rest of your life with the person in front of you.

To protect himself

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While your boyfriend’s behavior may seem like he doesn’t want to pursue the relationship, he might just be trying to be cautious. He might’ve been vulnerable before, and had gotten hurt badly, so he’s not trying not to make the same mistake. The important thing to remember is that he’s not scared of you, nor does he hate you. In fact, it’s because he cares so much about you that he’s willing to make himself vulnerable again to make things work this time.

Whatever reason your partner might have for moving slow, it’s very important to remember that communication and trust is key. You might find it odd, but your partner is simply trying to make sure things don’t go south, so when in doubt, be patient, be kind, and take it one step at a time.

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