Top 5 Gift Ideas to Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to find that perfect gift for that father, step-father, grandparent, or other special guy in your life that helped raise you and shape you into the person that you are today. The question is, how do you find the perfect gift? Well, it always helps to know your audience, so here are some ideas:

For the grill-master


It’s a perfect scene: It’s a warm summer day, the kids are playing outside, and Dad is in his natural habitat: behind the grill, cooking food for his family. If the dad in your life is a fan of grilling, then why not get him something like a personalized barbecue tool set with his initials, or, if you feel like he deserves even more this year, why not get him a portable grill, perfect for those tailgate events. If your dad loves having a cold drink at BBQs, a personalized cooler with his initials is a good investment, too!

He can fix it!


If there’s one thing that a father loves, it’s being there with a hammer, ready to fix anything that his family needs fixing. A magnetic wristband is good for fathers who need help keeping their screws and nails in one place, and a gift like a hammer multi-tool is great for dads who like to fix things on the go at anytime.

A gift he’ll never fore-get!


For most dads, there’s nothing like going to a golf course and playing a nice, quiet game of golf. For that golf-loving dad in your life, there’s lots of gifts to choose from: you could get him a divot digger that doubles as a bottle opener, or some magnetic golf ball markers, or even a little mug that comes with a little putter that’s also a pen, so he can take the game of golf with him anywhere he goes. These gifts are sure to be a hole-in-one for your dad!

Our dads are always prepared!


Protecting one’s family is something that a father is well-known for, and it’s something that they pride themselves on, so this Father’s Day, why not give your well-prepared dad a survival kit? This is something that your dad can use at anytime, and he can bring it anywhere he goes. You could also get your dad a personalized knife, which can be useful for any task your dad has to face, and every time he sees his name on the handle, he’ll know you were thinking about him.

You can never go wrong with something personal


A dad wouldn’t be a dad without his kids, so why not get him something that’ll make him think of them? You can get him a personalized keychain with his children’s names on it, or you could get him a custom phone case with a picture of his newborn, or you could get VERY creative and get him a puzzle or a basketball with a picture of his kids on it. The possibilities are endless, just like his love for his family.

Whatever you choose to do for Father’s Day, just remember: It’s not about the flashiness or the price tag, it’s about putting thought into a gift that you know your father is gonna really like, and as long as you do that, there’s no way you can go wrong. Just be sure to show your dad some love on June 20th. After all, he deserves it.