4 Sales On Amazon Prime Day You Can Use Besides Amazon

Amazon is one of the most well-known online shopping sites in the world, and it’s a site that nearly everyone uses. It’s helped people get things that they need without leaving their homes, and it’s been a big help during the pandemic. However, it has garnered a rather unsavory reputation for itself lately, between the actions of Jeff Bezos and the rumors of terrible working conditions for its employees.

The thing is, how are people supposed to support the cause while forgoing the amazing deals of Amazon Prime Day, the time of year where members of Amazon’s Prime subscription can indulge in great deals on top-quality items for a limited time? The good news is, Amazon isn’t the only corporation that is keen on giving their customers the best deals imaginable.


Foreground shot of Walmart shopping cart in store


Walmart is a store that everyone is familiar with, and it’s a company that definitely isn’t a stranger to getting their customers the best deals possible. On Prime Day, Walmart is prepared to get people the best markdowns on kitchen supplies, video games, picnic essentials, and so much more.

Best Buy

Outside of Best Buy store


When it comes to top-quality tech at a great price, Best Buy has worked for ages to make quite a name for itself, and it’s planning on keeping the trend going this year with amazing deals this year: almost everything from wireless headphones to video games, and don’t forget to take advantage of those sweet, sweet markdowns for Apple and Google Nest. The prices just can’t be beat!


Phone with a Target logo on the screen


Let’s all be honest: whenever we take a trip to Target, we all always end up with way more items than we originally thought we wanted. There’s nothing to fear this time, however, because the extra load will be extra worth stopping at your local Target this Prime Day and getting a great deal on so many different things. Whether you’re after deals on home products, tech, fashion, beauty, Target aims to please its customers and get you your money’s worth on top-quality items.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Inside view of Bed, Bath and Beyond


Bed, Bath and Beyond is going “beyond” expectations with this fantastic sale this year. From June 20-22 (one more day than the Amazon Prime Day event!), Bed, Bath and Beyond is hosting a “Beyond BIG Savings Event”, where kitchen, bedding, and bath essentials will be marked down to up to 50%. Plus, as an added bonus, Bed, Bath, and Beyond will also be offering same-day delivery for orders $39 or more, a big advantage for all the online shoppers who aren’t quite comfortable enough to leave their houses just yet.

However you choose to take advantage of these amazing deals, just remember: every dollar that goes to one of these sales is a dollar that won’t be used to line Jeff Bezo’s pockets, or be used to fund one of his ludicrous business ideas, like sending one of his companies to space or something crazy like that. Make sure to shop smart and just make the decisions that are right to you.

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