5 Ways To Prevent An Eyebrow Disaster

Everyone has had an eyebrow disaster in their lives that got fixed over time, and I’m going to tell you how you can prevent that from happening.

Leave your eyebrows alone

If youโ€™ve never waxed your eyebrows yourself, donโ€™t start now. You may or may now have the impulse to do an at-home wax job because you can’t afford to get them waxed by a licensed professional, but the DIYing can cause you to have uneven, thin or no eyebrows in the long run.

Go to a pro

Once your brows have fully grown out, you should find a professional and licensed brow artist with an accessible work portfolio thatโ€™ll groom, shape, wax or thread your eyebrows to fit your eye and face shape and avoid taking the hair that youโ€™ll need.

Invest in brow products

Many brushes, shapers, pencils and gels sold at drug stores and beauty retailers are also high-quality and affordable brow products thatโ€™ll make your brows appear even and well kept until your next scheduled brow appointment with a professional and licensed brow artist.

Tweeze cautiouslyย 

Plucking unnecessary eyebrow hairs is tricky, so make sure to fill in your brows with a brow product and use a pair of tweezers that you own to cautiously get rid of any excess hair thatโ€™s grown above or below your brow.

Stay away from the scissors

While they might look tiny and easy to use, eyebrow scissors can turn a simple trim into a dramatic snip if you don’t do it in front of the mirror, lack a licensed beauty professional for guidance, fail to apply eyebrow gel or get rid of too much hair when youโ€™re trimming.



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