8 Tips That’ll Keep Your Nail Polish From Chipping

Nail chips tend to mess up a manicure that you spent your money on, but these 8 tips will prevent that from happening.

Have clean nails 

If you have polish on your nails, strip your nails of the polish to prevent nail polish oils from potentially affecting the surface of the nail polish that you’re planning on applying.

Gently File your nails

While nail files allow you to shape your nails evenly, harsh nail filing can cause your thin or thick nails to chip faster because you’re overfiling them.

Buff your nails

Buffing makes nails look shiny and smooth, and it will also prevent the naturally produced oils from nails and residue from ruining your nail polish.

Exfoliate your cuticles

Rubbing and kneading nail exfoliator onto your cuticles keeps your cuticles and nail plates separate, gets rid of dead skin and cells and gives your nails much-needed fluids.

Add a base coat

A high-quality base coat from a drugstore or a retailer will make your nails healthier, longer, smoother and stronger and prevent your nails from getting stained, smudged, and chipped.

Applying too much polish

Putting too much polish on your nails will leave you with a bumpy manicure that’ll take a long time to dry, so carefully apply two thin coats of nail polish on your nails.

Give your nails a chance to dry

Rushing to apply a top coat on top of your wet nail polish doesn’t give the nail polish time to dry, and that will cause your nails to chip.

Add a topcoat

After you let your nail polish dry, apply a quick-drying topcoat onto your nails so that they can be glossy and less prone to chipping.


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