Getting Involved on College Campus in Times of Covid Pandemic

College closures mean more than just switching to virtual courses. A lot of college and university students also lack an opportunity to enjoy non-academic interactions and activities. From clubs and parties to sports and various social activities, the college experience has turned into a completely different routine this year due to the global pandemic. Students admit mixed feelings about the new lifestyle they have to get used to. Below, we introduce you to some of the ways you can safely get involved on campus during a covid-19 outbreak.

Enjoy Outdoor Fitness

While most fitness centers are currently closed, outdoor exercise classes are still there for you. Feel free to enjoy group fitness exercises with your college fellows! Perform yoga in the grass, do some jump squats on a bench, or enjoy active cardio or relaxing stretches on the territory of campus. Keep in mind that you all will have to wear facemasks during your fitness classes, and social distance to make sure the process is safe for each participant. After all, working out outdoors is a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, meet your friends, and ensure you’re keeping up with an active and healthy lifestyle.

Put Movies on!

Getting together under the same roof seems impossible now. However, you can enjoy some of the best Hollywood works and nighttime views of the sky during movie nights held outdoors. Get your favorite snacks, choose a cozy place to settle in, pick the movie, and feel the charm of an outdoor movie night!

Practice Safe Study Sessions

Covid or not, you still have to focus on your studies and do your best to excel. If studying with college pals is the most effective way to polish your skills, figure out the best and the safest ways to become an alternative to in-person classes. Whether you choose to gather at your friend’s place or at the library, it is important to minimize the number of group members before you navigate in-person study sessions. Never take off your mask and make sure to keep a 6-foot distance from your peers. It’s no doubt, the safest way to organize your study sessions is via Zoom. Set a particular time and connect with your college fellows virtually. Needless to say, online study platforms provide you with an opportunity to add as many people as you want and share an unlimited number of documents instantly.

Join Online Clubs

Although Zoom meetings are hard to deal with for most people, make an effort to join one of the campus organizations that are currently operating online. Ensure to show who you are, listen to what other members have to say, laugh, learn, and simply have fun! When the meeting is over, and you believe you’re ready to join this organization, follow them on social media. If there are some details that you need to be clarified or updates that you would like to receive, feel free to send an email to inform them of what you liked  the most about the online meeting. If you do so, you will get out of the shadow, as well as show how much you would like to be part of the online community.

When you’re in the middle of the online meeting, take some small steps to get to know the members better. If someone plans to run group study sessions or is on the lookout for a reliable custom essay writing service, make sure to offer your help as well. Sooner than you know, you will start making some close friendships with the other members. It doesn’t really matter that you are separated by your gadgets now. Having all these virtual moments where you become better friends is what makes the difference. When the pandemic is finally over, you will have some great memories that will stay with you for good.

Get a Job

Although in-person classes have moved to the virtual world, you still have a chance to get a job offline. When you are working for your college campus, you have a unique opportunity to know what it’s like to be at your current institution. While it’s a great way to get involved on campus, getting a job is also your chance to improve your financial situation. Browse the on-campus job tab to find out what options are available at the moment.


College is usually the time when young people have an opportunity to grow awareness of other people’s needs and enthusiasm to become real activists. One of the activities that undergrads are separated from today is the opportunity to connect with people who need your help.  

While your campus engagement offices may be unavailable at the moment to provide you with some programs, consider approaching the groups that are in need of urgent participation. For instance, you can support many nonprofits that are available in your area. The national Red Cross is on the lookout for college-aged volunteers who are ready to support shelter services and blood drives. You may be engaged in volunteer-from-home projects or even join an internship program run by the Red Cross.

At the same time, you can volunteer from the comfort of your home. No matter where you live, you can get involved in many volunteer activities, such as global initiatives, research projects, or skills development. Surf the active research projects to learn more about what roles you can potentially take. Whether you decide to work with a group in person or volunteer remotely, your participation will make a huge difference.  

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