Check Out The New “American Horror Stories” On Hulu

The hit TV show, “American Horror Story”, created by the ever-so-talented Ryan Murphy, has won the hearts of horror fans everywhere with its fresh takes on new plots every season: a haunted house, a witch coven, a nuclear apocalypse, a summer camp with a murderer, and so much more. There’s plenty to tickle the fancy of any horror buff, and that could honestly by the reason why everyone loves the show so much.

However, Murphy is hoping to try something new this time around with this series:

What is “American Horror Stories”?

“American Horror Story” logo on phone that is being held by someone


The name of the series somewhat suggests what the structure is, but here’s the lowdown: Just like how “American Horror Story” has a new plot to every season, “American Horror Stories” will actually have something new each episode.

According to Murphy, each episode will have an anthology of “short stories”, as it were, that will feature different plots and mechanics, not too dissimilar from what AHS fans are used to. Each episode will have different things, but it has definitely been hinted that it’ll call back to previous seasons, something that AHS is notorious for.

Who’s gonna be there?

Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman, and Billie Lourd standing


Many old faces that fans are familiar with will be making appearances in this new series, such as Evan Peters, who will be reprising his role as the character Tate Langdon from the first season of AHS, who also appeared in season eight, having become associated with the “Rubber Man” monster.

Other returning actors include Matt Bomer, Taissa Farmiga, Naomi Grossman (with no relation to Leslie Grossman), and Billie Lourd. There’s also new blood (no pun intended) joining the AHS family, such as Kevin McHale from “Glee”, Sierra McCormick from “Supernatural”, Paris Jackson from “Scream” and so many others.

What is there to expect?

As many AHS fans are bound to tell you, if the title already doesn’t, if there’s one thing that Murphy is good at dishing out, it’s horror. AHS is famous for its supernatural story-telling, as well as its way to suprise its viewers at every corner, and “American Horror Stories” is sure not to disappoint. That means gore, body horror, psychological horror, jumpscares, and so much more. Oh my!

Murphy has pulled lots of inspiration from shows such as “The Twilight Zone”, “Alfred Hitchcock”, and “The Outer Limits”, to name a few. This time around, he’s planning on tapping back into the anthropological story-telling style to give fans, both old and new, a show they won’t soon forget.

The series is planning to debut July 15th, exclusively on Hulu, and fans from all over are more than excited. With all of the great stories and characters that Ryan Murphy has given us over the years in each season, there’s a lot of hope that this new series will be nothing but a complete success. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see a certain rubber-y entity in the first episode. For now, mark your calendars for the amazing horror extravaganza of a lifetime!

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