I Got A Rib Tattoo As My First Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Do it haha! I had been wanting a tattoo for 6 years and I finally had the courage to do it.ðŸĪŠ I really admire those girls who can pull off a lot of simple little tattoos. Part of me wants to do that and get like 10 simplistic tattoos but the other part of me is like really do I want a bunch of meaningless tattoos forever on my body idk.😅 Creds to you honestly if you have a lot of tattoos because I bet you look so good with them haha! I am going to give you my full experience and every little detail so you know what to expect and hopefully your experience is just as good as mine was!

How To Start

Guy with glove on dipping tattoo gun into ink


Before you even think about actually going and getting one done you should have in mind exactly what you want to be done. Take time to think about it in detail, the shapes, the lines, colored or not, most importantly the style. There are 6 different styles of tattoos; American Traditional, Traditional Japanese, Realism, Illustrative, Neo-Traditional, and minimalistic/ geometric. I would say my tattoo is American Traditional/ minimalistic and I did not want any color. Also, you have to figure out where on your body you want the tattoo. For me, it was pretty easy to decide because I wanted to get my tattoo done in a spot I can hide if I want to. I also just really like rib/side boob tattoos so I had it in mind for a while. The key is to do research and look at other people’s tattoos. Pinterest was my go-to, I found so many amazing tattoos that I want. I also looked up tattoo places near me and found the artists’ Instagrams to see what type of work they do and if I could find someone who does the tattoos I want.

What To Do

girl getting a tattoo done on her arm by guy tattoo artist a little blurred


Once you have figured out what you want, where you want it, the place, and the artist you then set up a consultation with the artist. Most artists you can DM on Instagram or email/ text them to see if they can do your tattoo. It is best to send them a picture of something that is similar to what you want and ask them for their availability. After they should respond by asking when you want to get it done and usually they will set up a consultation appointment for you to come in and work on the design together. Depending on how big or detailed the tattoo is you might just set up a time to get the tattoo done and design it right before you get it, which is what happened with mine. I found a really cool local artist and she went back and forth emailing me about what I wanted and when we could do it. She really understood exactly what I had imagined and it could not have turned out better.

Getting The Tattoo

my tree of life tattoo on my ribs/ side boob

Rachel Goodman

This is my tree of life tattoo that I got on my ribs/side boob, I wanted it small and simple and it came out so good and I love it. I took this picture a day or two after I got it done so it is a little irritated but I can tell you it still looks the exact same. Before you go make sure you got good sleep the night before, eat a good meal, and are hydrated. I would recommend not taking any pain relievers before because they can thin your blood which can make the tattooing itself harder for you and the artist. After you get it you can take Advil if you really think you need it. You have to wear loose clothing so the area you are getting tattooed can breathe and heal. I recommend asking your artist about skin-numbing cream, especially for the more sensitive spots. Now, I know what you’re thinking… why did I choose one of the most sensitive spots on your body for my first tattoo. Well, I can tell you it was bad but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I would say I have a pretty low pain tolerance and I didn’t use any pain relievers whatsoever. I went with my roommate/best friend to keep me calm and we just talked back and forth about whatever came to mind to distract me haha. Especially for your first tattoo you are gonna want someone to hold your hand and distract you.

My Take Away

Just so you know, the tree of life is very significant and meaningful to me and that’s why I got it. I chose to get it done during the winter during quarantine so I could wear baggy t-shirts and I knew I would be home all the time, not going on a vacation or anything. I do have to say it was very sensitive and it did hurt a lot because it was right on my ribs, but tattoos are a much different kind of pain than anything else you have experienced. When they are tattooing you it is almost like someone scratching at your skin. Obviously, when they go over certain tendons and more sensitive areas it is going to hurt more. I don’t regret it at all and no I don’t think I ever will. I am so glad that I did it finally after 6 years and I love it. I will definitely be getting one or two more in the next couple of years. My main advice is to make sure you do your research and make sure you take good care of your tattoo so that it will look better, last longer, and not get infected. Go plan your first or 25th tattoo haha! I hope the whole process is easy and you end up with a masterpiece.😉

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