Amazon’s Newest Service is Now Offering…Vinyl Records?

If there is one thing that is bound to never go out of style, it’s the nostalgic appeal of a vinyl record. With the bustling progression of modern technology meeting new feats, it’s quite surprising that vinyl records haven’t been squashed out with all of the other fads of the pasts.
One company that certainly seems to think so is Amazon, as they seem to be forging ahead with a new service that’s destined to change the vinyl game for the better.

Someone holding a record up to their face


Amazon is calling it the “Vinyl-of-The-Month” club, and the way it works is like this: For a subscription of 24.99 a month, the good people over at Amazon Music hand-pick from a collection of the best albums from the Golden Era of Vinyl (which is from the 1960s to the 1970s), which will then send a copy of the chosen album out to all of the people who subscribe to this service, right to your door. You can then choose to play your records on your own record player (which is, of course, not included in the purchase of your album) or you can store them in your own little collection. The choice is yours!

Subscribers get free standard shipping with each album, which means that they don’t have to pay for more than just the album. Those who subscribe also get the option to “skip” any preceding month that they desire, which can really help a lot of seasoned collectors if they already have the album that’s being sent. Of course, as with all subscriptions, subscribers are more than welcome to cancel their subscription for any reason, at any given time, no questions asked. Amazon doesn’t judge.

Person pawing through a selection of vinyl records


Seasoned and new collectors alike will be in awe at all of the unique and different albums that they might be able to gain through this service. The different types of albums that can be received through this service include, but not limited to, are: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, ABBA, and so, so much more.

Amazon is also using this special opportunity to improve where they might be lacking. They’re encouraging all new subscribers to send feedback about this new service so that they can fix any sort of problem that needs fixing, and so that they can be able to improve it and make it better in any way that they can. Amazon seems to really want this service to take off, and they’re willing to take any sort of help that they can get.

Fads and trends come and go, but a lot of them find a way to resurface and make a bigger-than-life comeback, and that seems to be the same case for the vinyl record. People are falling in love with the aesthetic and the nostalgia, and can we really blame them. Music is a beautiful gift, and it’s something the whole world can relate to. No matter what happens, that allure of that needle hitting the vinyl bumps just right may never get old, and here’s to hoping it never does.


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