Top 10 Cute Nail Designs You Should Do This Summer

Pull out all of your nail supplies or go to your frequent manicurist so that you can have undeniably cute nails this summer.

Colorful Skies

A major nail trend last year, cloud nails can look even fresher this year if they have a multicolored background with stars and rhinestones.

Nail piercings

If you want your nails to have an unexpected edge like Janet Jackson’s in What’s It Gonna Be, nail piercings that can be done at home or in a nail salon are something to consider.

Polka Dots

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Your adolescent years may be behind you, but colorful polka dot nails will allow you to silently reminisce about your childhood every time you look down at them.

Python print

If you wanna channel your inner cheetah girl or Bratz doll but strongly dislike most animal prints for some reason, nails with a neutral-colored python print are a great alternative option.


With the Y2K aesthetic at its peak of popularity, you can participate in the trendy aesthetic by donning nails with many cute airbrushed designs on them.

Unique Tips

You can modernize the classic pink and white French manicure with colorful or sparkly tips. These tips will look amazing against bright clothing and flashy jewelry.

Heart decals

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Love hearts but hate simple DIY heart nail art? Find heart-shaped nail decals that slightly resemble the Sailor Moon stick and rod with a heart and wings.


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If you love flowers, bright colors and sequins, get someone to duplicate the tropical-themed mani that professional nail artist Destiny Medina did for one of her many female clients a couple of days ago.

Cheeky fruits

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Have a longtime affinity for fruit? Add fruit designs like kiwis, oranges, watermelons and limes onto your nails to give them a sticky, sweet and juicy feel that’s perfect for the summer.


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Proudly represent your astrological sign or the planets and signs that reign supreme on your personalized natal chart or astrological portrait on your nails.