Can You Wear White After Labor Day? Actually, Yes

However, as Labor Day draws nearer and nearer, one can’t help but think about the old saying: “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”. However, to this day, no one is quite sure why they can’t wear white. Is it some sort of fashion faux pas? An old superstition to ensure that summers in the future are equally as fun as past summers?

The truth is, it’s neither of those things, and people actually don’t see anything wrong with wearing white after Labor Day, or any other day, for that matter.


The myth actually started a long, long time ago (in the 19th century, to be exact), that little phrase we know so well actually came from a plot created by the upper-class elites as a way to distinguish their kind from the lower-class: Basically, those of the upper-class bracket, during the summer, would sport white clothes as a sign of “leisure” while those of the lower class typically wore darker clothes. This is because white clothes were seen more as a “luxury” item because of their extensive maintenance (due to the issue of stains, among other things) and as such, were seen as too much of a hassle to tend to for those of the middle class who couldn’t afford to keep the clothes well-maintained.

Ergo, this little myth that we’ve been nonchalantly listening to our whole lives has actually been a ploy used by classist rich snobs to enlarge the gap between social classes, as well as show off their financial superiority. Go figure, huh?

But is it really a bad idea to wear white after Labor Day?


The short answer? No. Granted, wearing all white isn’t the most fashionable thing (not to mention it’s a huge stain hazard if you’re a messy eater) unless you’re a bride on your wedding day or you’re cosplaying as a snowman. You’d honestly be better off with wearing something with a splash of color, or using the color white to tie a colorful outfit together.

But could you get away with wearing all white? Absolutely. There’s no crazy law prohibiting it and, contrary to some popular belief, we’re not living in the 19th century anymore. People are allowed to wear anything they want these days, and you’re free to express yourself in any color, no matter what color it is!

In fact, wearing white clothes on a hot day is probably the best idea you can have, since white and light clothes absorb light and heat less than dark clothes do, so feel free to break out that white top or bathing suit that’s been sitting at the back of your closet this Labor Day, because the working class deserve to feel comfortable too.