6 E-Commerce Sites That Sell Vintage Designer Items

Are you a person that loves finding and purchasing vintage clothing from thrift stores and want to thrift on the internet?. Read this article to find out about some of the thrift stores that are currently on the web.

El Cycèr

Founded and run by Jennifer Grace, El Cycèr is an e-commerce shop that gives men and women the opportunity to purchase vintage and iconic fashion archival pieces from luxury brands like Alaïa, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood.


Created in the 1980s by founder and owner Clare Ferra, Irvrsbl is an online shopping website that sells pre-owned and pre-loved clothing and accessories to online buyers who want to purchase a pair of Chloé sunglasses with a Swarovski crystal heart-shaped accent or a multicolored and patterned Emilio Pucci shoulder bag.

Prestige Finds

Launched in 2018, Prestige Finds is founded, owned and run by female entrepreneur Oddity. The site is also an ideal online shopping destination for women who are looking to purchase Burberry’s iconic check bikini, Louis Vuitton’s limited edition miroir bag or Fendi’s elusive metal sandals.

Queen Vin Archive

This online ready-to-wear and haute couture utopia that is own and ran by an anonymous individual allows me to mindlessly fantasize about owning and wearing numerous Christian Dior and Roberto Cavalli items that I cannot afford to buy in the privacy of my own home.

Sororité Vintage

Sororité Vintage values luxury, sustainability and upcycling. This web-based fashion shop that’s growing in popularity and revenue sells numerous high-end and low-end fashion goods to women that have a Cottagecore aesthetic that significantly impacts their fashion sense.



1stdibs sells a wide range of things, but the website’s fashion and accessories section will allow you to see and purchase obscure, vintage and costly Tom Ford for Gucci and Versace items that I’ve posted on my popular Tumblr blog Glossygyrl for my fashion loving followers.


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