Starbucks Debuts New “Sparkling Spritzes” Drink Line

If there’s one thing that people love about summer, it’s having a nice, cold drink while hanging out in the warm sun, whether it’s by the beach, or even in your own backyard. A lot of different companies agree with this statement, and Starbucks just happens to be one of them, which is why they’re introducing a cold, fizzy drink that’s sure to knock the socks off of everyone.

Shot of Starbucks store logo


On June 30th, Starbucks recently released their newest drink line titled “Sparkling Spritzes”, which are said to be the perfect blend of sparkling water and fresh fruit, and there are currently five flavors to choose from. The drinks are somewhat inspired by Italian sodas, which are made with sparkling water, simple syrup, ice, and muddled fruit (which is fruit that has been gently mashed, in case you didn’t know).

Some of the selections are readily available at select Starbucks Reserve locations, as well as Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in Chicago, New York, and Seattle. This, of course, shouldn’t be the only locations for long, if the drinks prove to be as popular as Starbuck’s other well-known beverages.

People will also be excited to know that the “Sparkling Spritzes” will be available to order via the Uber Eats app, for those who wish to stay in the comfort of their home and enjoy the amazing summer weather with a cold Starbucks drink.

One of the “Sparkling Spritzes” available at select Starbucks Reserve Roasteries and Starbucks Reserve locations is the “Cucumber Mint Spritz”, which is inspired by the popular mojito, with a combo of cucumber, mint, and lime flavors. This version, of course, is non-alcoholic, so people of all ages are welcome to enjoy it if you want a little islandside flavor!

Outside shot of a Starbucks location


The other flavors available are the Strawberry Spritz (with strawberry flavors and muddled strawberries), Strawberry Balsamic Spritz (with muddled strawberries, as well as balsamic vinegar), the Blood Orange Tea Spritz (with muddled blood oranges, along with Zen Clouds Oolong tea concentrate for that citrusy sip), and finally, Watermelon Spritz (with, you guessed it, muddled watermelon).

Despite being very new, people are very hopeful to try the new drinks. Everyone sees it as the perfect thing to enjoy on a summer day, and if Starbucks puts as much love into these drinks as they do with all of their other beverages, it’s sure to be a slam-dunk.

Of course, when coming to order your beverage (if you’re wanting to come order it in person), be sure to keep in mind the CDC’s most updated guidelines regarding mask-wearing and social distancing. Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be safe.

So whether you’re a fan of sparkling water, or you’re looking for a nice, cold drink to take to the beach (or to your backyard pool) with you, or just you love it whenever Starbucks releases a brand new drink, then think about stopping at one of the nearest select Starbucks Reserve locations near you and pick up a “Sparkling Spritz” of your choice today!

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