How to Redesign Your Dorm Room?

Imagine that you moved into the dorm room that fits all your parameters and looks nice. Do you agree that it’s hard to imagine because the chance of getting an ideal dorm room is too low? Fortunately, nowadays, getting an awful room isn’t the end of life. You can do a stunning dorm room makeover you see on YouTube and Pinterest easily, and it won’t hit your wallet. Many students dislike college dorms because rooms there are small and inconvenient. But only genuine connoisseurs of cozy places understand the potential of dorm rooms.

Moreover, many students are just afraid of starting the renovations because they may lack time and money to finish it. We will discuss some tips that will show you that the makeover may be cheap. If you resort to academic writing services, you’ll even have enough free time to do everything you plan. Well, here are the ideas on how to transform the boring dorm room into a cozy space.

Removable wallpapers

If you have no idea how to bring life to walls or you just dislike the colors of your room interior, you may try to change something by purchasing and applying removable wallpapers. If your college dorm allows students to do some permanent changes, such as coloring walls and using ordinary wallpapers, you may not be afraid and do everything you want.

String lights

You shouldn’t think that there must be a reason to hang string lights on your room’s walls. These lights are used not only on Christmas but on any other day you want. We advise you to hang them above your bed, and they look good there. However, there are plenty of ways to use string lights for decoration, so it’s up to you to choose the best one. String lights have a big advantage — they light up your room, and you start feeling more comfortable and cozy.

Bring things from home

All students feel homesick and want to redesign the dorm room to make it as comfortable, calm, and nice as their native house. Decide what makes you feel positive and reminds you of your closest people who support you even from a huge distance. Bring some things from your room you will need during studying, ask your parents to give you something they want to stay with you constantly.

Layer the floor

Carpets and rugs don’t cost much. No one requires you to purchase expensive rugs made of premium-quality materials. There is a lot of budget and nice-looking carpets that are perfect for dorm rooms with awful floors. Place a rug near your bed and cover the remaining space with a large carpet. First of all, you’ll be able to move around without slippers and feel comfortable and warm enough.

Move the furniture

The small size of the room hardly presupposes that students will try to change the position of furniture, but all is fair here. You get used to living in a room with a certain layout and if the dorm room greatly differs from it, consider changing something in furniture’s position. If there is enough free space, consider buying an armchair or floor puff to have a cozy place to do your homework.

Use organizers

First of all, organizers are used not to decorate but to put all necessary and unnecessary things to avoid clutter. The companies that manufacture these tools saw that organizers are in demand and started to produce options with improved design. Therefore, organizers became more than a way to store things and not let them clutter your table, bed, and other surfaces. The less mess is in your room, the more comfortable it is.

Add some plants

Some greenery in the dorm room will never disturb you. We would advise you to create a green corner there, but we understand that you may not have much time to care about them. There are plant species that perfectly suit college students and their needs. Low-maintenance species are perfect for individuals having busy schedules: they’ll feed the eyes every day and won’t require you to monitor and water them all the time and according to a certain schedule.


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