Top 6 Greatest America’s Next Top Model Photoshoots

America’s Next Top Model is a reality competition show that shows aspiring models competing for the title and the prizes that’ll help them start their careers. Throughout the show’s 24 cycle run, some of the photoshoots are more iconic than others. Look at some of the greatest ANTM photoshoots that have graced our tv screens.

Beauty shots with snakes (Cycle 1, Episode 3)

Tyra loved to incorporate animals in ANTM photoshoots. During Cycle 1, the remaining contestants had to model with snakes for a beauty shot. Having to model with the reptiles was difficult for some, but most of the girls were up for the challenge.

High fashion beauty shots (Cycle 2, Episode 11)

Cycle 2’s final three contestants did high fashion beauty shots in Paris. The photoshoot allowed Mercedes Scelba-Shorte and Yoanna House to produce iconic photos that showcase their facial beauty and modeling abilities.

Verragio diamonds beauty shot with a tarantula (Cycle 3, Episode 8)

In the 8th episode of Cycle 3, the eight remaining contestants had to do a photoshoot with expensive diamond jewelry from Verragio and a tarantula. Cycle 3 winner Eva Marcille Sterling cried about having to pose with a tarantula, but she managed to conquer her fear and produce a fierce and well received photo.

Warneco calendar zodiac signs (Cycle 4, Episode 4)

The fourth episode of Cycle 4 was a zodiac themed photoshoot for the Warneco calendar. Most of the photos were underwhelming or mediocre for various reasons, but Brandy, Brittany, Kahlen, Michelle and Tiffany delivered when they were representing their assigned zodiac signs.

Country Couture (Cycle 5, Episode 3)

Cycle 5 didn’t have a lot of great photoshoot concepts, but this photoshoot allowed most of the remaining contestants to wear extravagant clothing and pair up in groups of two in order to produce a good photo.

Bald head covered in Swarovski crystals (Cycle 6, Episode 2)

Cycle 6 was full of iconic contestants and photoshoots, most notably winner Danielle Evans (now Dani) and the confident self proclaimed exotic biracial butterfly Jade Cole. Dani proved her worth when she looked graceful, poised and regal during the cycle’s first photoshoot in episode 2.

Honorable mentions: Spanish bullfighters (Cycle 7), exotic birds (Cycle 12) and underwater beauty shots (Cycle 15).



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