5 Celebrities Who Still Support Trump

“Donald Trump” is a popular name amongst the public these days, but not for the reasons you might think. His unpopularity with people has been a running trend during his presidency, and even during the time after it. If someone were to say that they were a Trump fan, they would probably be met with disgust and anger by certain people.

These celebrities, however, don’t seem to have any shame about it, as they have no problem with supporting Trump, the Republican Party, and everything that they stand for:

1. Antonio Sabato Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr smiling at the camera


Best known for his role in the long-running popular soap opera, General Hospital, Sabato is a very outspoken member of the Republican Party, as well as a strong supporter and advocate of Donald Trump and his agenda.

After the riots at the Capitol, he took the opportunity to speak out on his Twitter platform against the threat that the United States seemed to be up against, and he had this to say:

There is no more a Republican Party, there is just one Globalist party that is using people and manipulating them for themselves. At least we have 8,000,000+ that are still sane and strong”.

2. Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid looking past camera


Known for his role in National Lampoon, Randy Quaid showed nothing but support for Trump’s speech that took place at the Stop the Steal rally that was on January 6th, and, contrary to arguments, he doesn’t believe that the riots on the Capitol were a coup, as others have believed.

According to Quaid, he believes that the riots that happened at the Capitol were just an example of Americans exercising their right to protect against socialism, which he, unsurprisingly, believes has been rampant ever since our current president, Joe Biden came to office. He made a Tweet sometime after the riot, and he had this to say:

”Americans do not want Socialism! They want Freedom! Condemn ANTIFA, Not the Warriors for Freedom!”

3. Chuck Woolery

Kevin Woolery looking at camera


As the host of the popular show known as Love Connection, Woolery is a very avid supporter of Donald Trump. However, he stands apart from his fellow supporters, as he was actually very unhappy to hear about the riots that happened on January 6th. He Tweeted about it after the event, expressing his disappointment over the events that unfolded:

”What happened yesterday, in my opinion, was tragic and shameful. Because of it, all Trump supporters are tainted by it. Because of a few, many bear the cost. Because of it, all that was achieved over the last four years goes up in smoke, lost.”

4.  Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong standing


Star of the popular show, The O.C., Armstrong used her influence on Twitter to voice her support for Trump and his supporters after the Capitol riots took place.

According to her, America was going through a “great awakening”. The reason for this comment was a response to a circulating video of Trump supporters harassing South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham.

5. Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo looking past the camera


Known for her role on the TV show, Hercules, Sorbo is also an avid supporter of Trump, and he was also very supportive of the storming of the Capitol, as he championed it on Twitter in real-time.
Not long after, Sorbo Tweeted the unsubstantiated theory that ANTIFA was the primary reason for Trump supporters breaking into the Capitol.

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