5 French Fry Deals For National French Fry Day

Fries, chips, papa fritas. No matter what you might call French fries, everyone can agree that they’re a side dish that simply can’t be beat (unless you don’t like carbs, but what’s fun about that?). Fast food places, which practically invented fries as a side dish, agree with us. That’s why during National French Fry Day, which is on Tuesday, July 13th, five different fast food restaurants are offering amazing deals on their own signature fries to celebrate this amazing and carb-filled holiday.


Closeup of McDonald’s fries


If there’s one thing that McDonald’s is famous for, it is its delicious thin and crispy fries. This National French Fry Day, McDonald’s is ringing it in with a special giveaway. If you add a medium-size fries to a mobile order and pay, you’ll get another order of medium-size fries completely free. That’s not all, though. McDonald’s is also hosting a “World Famous Fan” contest that will run from July 13th to July 20th. All you have to do is post on Twitter with a photo or a 60-second video about why you think you’re the ultimate McDonald’s fan, and tag it with your state abbreviation (like #CA for California) and #MyMcDonaldsFanContest, and you could win the best prize imaginable: a lifetime of free McDonald’s fries. What could be better?

Burger King

Close-up of Burger King fries and drink


Burger King is very famous for their warm for delicious fries, and it’s got a deal for this year’s National French Fry Day that is sure to not disappoint. On the Burger King app, there’s a special deal on it where you can get an order of large fries for only $1! You can redeem this offer by either ordering through the app or by ordering your food in the store and asking your cashier to apply the deal there.


Closeup of Hardee’s burger


At Hardee’s, they’re giving away a special deal where you can get a small order of fries, along with a small drink, for free whenever you order an Original Angus burger. You’ll have to sign up for Hardee’s e-mail newsletter to get the coupon, but that’s a small price to pay for a delicious deal, right?

Red Robin

Closeup of Red Robin burger and fries


Red Robin is notorious for its signature Bottomless Fries, and it’s choosing to ring in National French Fry Day with an amazingly delicious deal: when you order a burger or entrée at Red Robin, you can score free, unlimited refills on their Bottomless Steak Fries, their Sweet Potato Fries, or their Garlic Fries. This deal is exactly why, when you hear “Red Robin”, you think “Yum!”.

Burger 21


Burger 21’s “Patty Perks” app is offering a special deal on July 13th where, whether you order through the app or you scan the app when you order in-store, you can get the fries in your order absolutely free.

However you choose to enjoy National French Fry Day, just be sure to have a lot of fun and take advantage of these amazing deals that are being offered, and, of course, make sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing so that everyone can be able to have fun.

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