6 Different Household Uses For Mint

Mint is something that a large group of people tend to enjoy, whether it’s the fresh scent or the brisk taste of the unique green plant. However, it isn’t just good for gum or ice cream flavors; Mint actually has a wide variety of uses that can be utilized in all sorts of ways, which can be very useful for those who have an over-abundance of mint and they aren’t quite sure what to do with it yet. Here are six household uses for mint that you might not have thought of:

DIY Household Cleaner

Someone cleaning a sink faucet wearing gloves


If there’s one thing that mint is known for, it is its amazing cleaning properties. That, combined with its amazingly fresh scent, makes for an incredible do-it-yourself household cleaning product that just can’t be beat. All you need to do is combine a few drops of mint essential oil to your own homemade (or unscented store-bought) cleaner. You can also dilute a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water, then add three to five drops of mint essential oil for a cleaning solution with a clean scent that can work on wood, concrete, or tile floors.

In An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser diffusing


Essential oil diffusers are very popular, in that they disperse the scent of essential oils thoroughly in any room that they’re in, and they also don’t pose any sort of fire or safety hazards like items such as candles. Mint essential oil offers a light, fresh scent that is almost guaranteed to brighten any room!

And Repellent

Ants gathered on a corner


Ants absolutely despise the hate of many different household items, which happens to include mint in the list. If ants are a particular annoying pest that you’re dealing with, trying diluting a few drops of mint essential oil in a spray bottle full of water, then spray it anywhere that you might think ants can come in from. However, users are advised to make sure that this spray isn’t used anywhere that your pets might be, as it can be harmful to them.


Mint plant in pot


While mint has a lot of useful benefits, it can also simply be used as a decorative plant in your home. You can simply place a mint plant in an beautiful  plant pot, then place the plant wherever you think it might look nice. A plant like this can be very helpful in the kitchen, as you can just grab any mint that you might need to use while cooking, but the choice is really up to you!

DIY Room Spray

Someone spraying a room


If you wanna make a room spray that freshens things up, try combining ten drops of peppermint essential oil, five drops of lemon essential oil, five drops of orange essential oil, and two tablespoons of orange flower water. However, you might want to skip this if you got pets in the house

Trash Can Freshener

Small indoor trash can


By placing some mint essential oil on a cotton ball and placing it at the bottom of the trash can under the bag, you can have a trash can that stays minty fresh, no matter what you put in there.

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