How to Get Trained for Free in any Dialect by Just Watching a Foreign TV Shows?

Learning is an unstoppable journey. Comparatively, nowadays’ people are more inclined to  watch foreign TV online than yesteryears. Hence, TV shows and movies are not just a medium for part-time entertainment but also an experience of life-time learning. 

Therefore, not only can a common human being achieve a milestone in learning foreign languages but there exist some popular names. Such as the member of the famous K-pop band BTS Rap Monster and Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp mentioned that they have learnt English from American sitcom Friends

 A study shows that almost 58% of learners stated that movies and TV shows are the best aid for improving English language. Whereas, the Harry Potter series are the learners’ favorite choice to watch and improve basic English spoken skills.

So, what are you waiting for? If these people can learn a foreign language, then you can too.

Following are some relevant tips for you to learn foreign languages like a pro.

Start from Kids’ Movies

If you are really into learning any dialect by watching movies, then you must start from the kid’s movies. Kids’ movies are not just based on good entertainment, colors and laughs but it is associated with the particular purpose of teaching children something new. The basic element of the kids’ movies is the use of simple and understandable language with corresponding images. So, it’s time to interact with the child that resides in your inner self.  You can start from this one ‘Dora la Exploradora’

Sitcoms and Comedy

If you successfully take the baby steps from the kids’ movies, then it won’t be difficult for you any more to explore some new dimensions of dialect. You can now start watching light comedy such as American sitcoms are great to watch, you can also watch cartoons for better learning of any dialect. Therefore, the famous ones are already dubbed in multiple languages, so it makes it easier to understand than ever. However, with easy dialogues, physical gestures in comedy compliment the dialogues equally such as The Simpsons and Modern Family.

Action and Thriller Movies

Once you start enjoying a light humor of any foreign dialect, now you can switch easily towards thriller, horror and action movies. So that you have some advanced knowledge of different vocabularies of foreign languages. Therefore, plots of the Action based movies are very visual and explanations keep on repeat on various points to hold the audience’s attention.

Several series such as Missing and  CSI follow the same pattern so viewers can easily understand what’s going on in a movie.

Dark Humor and Drama

Once you speed up with the fluency of understanding foreign dialect, the next step of watching foreign dramas is difficult to proceed because of complicated puns and double-meaning dialogues or sometimes a culture-specific language is the most difficult to comprehend.

Challenging series such as The Wire and Breaking Bad have thick accents and slang. However, these are great sources of getting cultural knowledge and chances for practice of difficult accents. 

Learning Techniques of a Foreign Dialect

Following are certain easy techniques to maximize your screen time with the learning of foreign dialect:

  • You must watch a full movie in one go. It will help you in general understanding of language with proper pronunciation. 
  • You must not panic when you hear unfamiliar words. Just relax and try to understand the flow of words naturally. You don’t need to understand each and every word. Just listen peacefully and you will find yourself getting familiar with foreign dialects.
  • Better to watch movies with the subtitles in your own language at first
  • Record and repeat some segments for the better understanding of knowledge. For this purpose you can use recording tools such as Audacity from which you can simply record the required segment from your smartphone.
  • You can imitate pronunciation once you have your recordings. Repeat the same words and repeat the same phrases.

Learning foreign languages is a blessing for any person who is a learning enthusiast. You are truly valuable if you know the language of a person to whom you are addressing. You can find lots of interesting foreign language movies on Netflix, YouTube, SNAG Films, Chinese TV, German TV, Japanese TV, French TV and Spanish TV. Therefore, keep watching movies and keep learning foreign languages.


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