Natural vs. synthetic hair extensions: which one’s for me?

Deciding which hair extensions are right for you can be an absolute minefield; from wefts to tape ins to Nano rings and pieces, the choices are endless. If that wasn’t enough, you also have to decide whether human hair or synthetic hair extensions are best for you. 

But worry no more, this is where we come in, ready to guide you through the pros and cons of both natural hair and acrylic extensions, so you can decide which one’s for you. 

Which hair extensions will last longer?

With proper care and protection, your human hair extensions will last around a year, whereas synthetic ones will only look their best for a few months. 

All of this depends on how well you care for your extensions. If you’re a little forgetful, synthetic hair extensions have the benefit of not requiring a frequent wash and when they do need washing, all you need to do is rinse, dry and shake them out. 

On the flipside, we recommend you wash your natural human hair extensions 2-3 times a week, with the exception of curly or wavy installations, where once a week will do the trick. 

Are natural or synthetic extensions better to style?

It can be easy to forget but every time you pick up those straighteners or curlers, you can add damage to your hair extensions. Unless stated as ‘heat friendly’ most synthetic hair extensions will melt under the heat of styling tools, but all human hair extensions can be styled however you like… because they act just like the hair on your head! Just always be sure to protect them and give them the best life possible with heat defence sprays.

Unless you have one style that you swear by day-in, day-out, we’d always recommend human hair extensions for styling, this way you can sport curly, wavy, up-do and straight styles as the mood takes you. 

Which hair extensions are better quality? 

The one thing you’ll instantly notice between acrylic and human hair extensions is how they feel to the touch. With a shinier and fibre-based feel, acrylic hair extensions, feel as they are described, synthetic. This is not to say they cannot still blend effortlessly with your natural hair, especially with the right shade and installation. 

Human hair extensions do have the upper hand here as they feel like glossy salon-fresh hair and look natural. It’ll be very easy for people to mistake them for your own hair! As they are real hair, they also come with a lot of textures and shades in each piece which will make colour matching a breeze.

Why Nano tip hair extensions are the future:

While both hair options have their pros and cons, be sure that whatever choice you make will add gorgeous length and volume to your hair.

If you are considering the human hair root, it’s understandable that you’d be looking for the most undetectable method on the market, right? Well, this is where Nano ring hair extensions come in. 

Using micro rings, these hair extensions instantly become 90% less visible than traditional application rings. If you’ve not already guessed, Nano tip extensions’ biggest plus point is how discrete they are but as an extra bonus, they use no heat or chemicals during installation.