6 Ways To Help You Keep Your College Apartment Clean

Are you the messy roommate? I assure you, you don’t want to be the messy roommate or the kind of person who can’t invite people into their apartment because you have so much stuff lying everywhere and can’t keep their apartment clean. One of the most difficult things about chores and cleaning is that they often feel like never-ending, overwhelming tasks. No sooner do you finish straightening up the mess, and suddenly your home is a disaster once again. That’s why it’s important to know how to keep your apartment clean without really trying, so the exhausting cycle can finally come to an end.


Invest In Storage Space

Woman holding organizing bins standing next to organized shelf


Do you have more stuff than you think you can handle? Are 80% of those things not being used and are collecting dust in your apartment? Then you need to really invest in getting a separate storage facility or a very organized storage system in your apartment. I highly recommend investing in a shelving unit like this or some type of cupboard you can find at Ikea, Home Depot, or any furniture store. Some of the things that you need more storage for are your clothes, winter apparel and gear, sports gear, and pantry items.

Use stackable storage bins and label them accordingly, you can just store them at the back of your closet, under your bed, or in your basement so that they’re stacked away. Make sure the things you put in these storage boxes are things you don’t need every day. I live in a small college apartment and I have a lot of stuff, so I purchased a shelving rack from Ikea this year and it has made a significant difference. I also got big storage tubs that roll under your bed where I keep all my winter gear and any little things I don’t use.


Make Your Bed Everday

Woman making her bed


It seems like the simplest of things (and it is), but making your bed every day can make all the difference. This is typically a struggle for a lot of people, but making the bed does have this magical ability to make your apartment look better and you feel better. It only takes a few minutes and leaves your place looking a lot less messy. It is also one of the best ways to start your day, to get you up and do a simple task, you get to look at how aesthetically pleasing it is after you have made your bed. It also feels more inviting when you come home from a long day of school or work and you can peel back your comforter and jump in.


Clean A Little Bit Everyday

Woman sining into a mop in her living room


Make it a point to do one chore per day, whether it’s taking out the garbage and recycling, deep cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, or vacuuming or mopping your floors. This eliminates those marathon cleaning sessions that everyone wants to avoid. Set reminders on your phone or keep a list on the fridge of what chore needs to be accomplished every day. My roommates and I have a chore chart that we made and it has been working very well the past couple of months. Highly recommend making a chore chart or just doing a little bit every day.


Use Organizational Tools

woman putting clothes and things into desk organizers to put away


Use tubs and containers and bins to help organize everything around your house. Another great idea is to create a catch-all by the front door for your keys and sunglasses and anything you use multiple times a day. Having a floating shelf, stand, or another piece of furniture right by the door for these items and your mail is key. Not only is this an excellent organizational tool, but it can also keep things tidy. Have shelves or drawers? Make it look more organized by using desk organizers and bins.


Focus On Surfaces

clean organized white kitchen


These typically are the areas that pick up a lot of messiness and clutter. When you are cleaning, focus on places like desks, kitchen and bathroom counters, coffee tables, dining room tables, and bedroom side tables. When these spots are organized, your entire apartment will look organized. Not only look organized but feel nice and clean. You would be surprised how rewarding it feels when your home looks really nice. I have been trying to clean my desk and my nightstand in my room at least once every week to two weeks and I have re-organized my desk, nightstand, and shelves 3 times now. It always looks and feels so nice after and I want people to see my room instead of hiding it.


Throw Away And Donate Things

woman holding a donate box full of clothes


OK, obviously not everything. But you should set aside a day, or weekend, or month, to go through your belongings and edit, edit, edit. Start by making three piles: keep, toss, and donate. Then, get to sorting. If you haven’t worn something in the past 18 months, it should go in the donate pile. Toss what’s broken or worn out, and then put the keepers back in their designated spots. You’ll be left with way left stuff to clean, and therefore more free time on your hands. I found one way to help you go through your clothes hanging on hangers. You start with all of your hangers facing the opposite way and each time you wear a different shirt/dress/pants. You turn the hanger to how it should actually be put into a closet. By the end of 6-12 months, you should see the hangers that still aren’t facing the other way and donate or throw those out.

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