Soft Glam Is The Go-To Makeup Look Of Summer 2021

What is soft glam? It really is just the smooth blending that brings together all aspects of a look to create this beautiful seamless makeup. You want your skin to look creamy and glowing. It doesn’t matter if you do a bright pop of color on your lid for eyeshadow as long as it blends into the rest of your makeup look. It definitely is the makeup look of the summer because it is so easy to do, takes no time, and looks so good on everyone. I can’t wait to see all the makeup looks this summer!



Now obviously if you are trying to do soft glam even this might be too much foundation for your skin. First off I highly recommend making sure your face is clean and is moisturized. Then be sure to use a primer to lay that base down to prep your skin. I definitely think you should use a little concealer on your chin, below your eyes, and a little on your forehead but closer to your eyebrows. I like to put a little bit of concealer on my jawline as well to blend it all together. I also like to blend the concealer below my eyes onto my nose. You can also use foundation instead but I am still white so my complexion needs a lighter color to make that smooth soft-glam look. After that then add some blush just enough to make it look natural but still elevated. Pop a tiny bit of highlighter on if you want. My blush is very radiant so I don’t use a highlighter and it still leaves me glowing.



Eyes… You really can do any color you want as long as you blend it very nicely into your skin and make it look really good. I personally prefer warm colors like in this picture. I think they definitely go with soft-glam a lot more than any cool shades. I really think it is best to just do one solid color on the whole eyelid with maybe a pop of soft gold or silver in the corners of your eyes. I use the James Charles “Unleash Your Inner Artist” Palatte. I usually do the colors “punch me” and “mary” they are neutral and beautiful.



So because your makeup is going to be very natural looking you don’t have to do anything to your lips if you don’t want to. Otherwise, I would put on a nice gloss that is not too pink or red. I personally prefer more nude shades with a hint of pink. For glosses, I use Fenty Beauty gloss in the shade “Fenty Glow” or E.L.F. Lip Plumping Gloss in the shade “Mocha Twist.”  For regular lipstick, I use Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick in “Savage” or “Angel.” I can’t find the Kylie lipsticks online right now but I think she is launching more in six days. I really like all of these and highly recommend them. Go find your soft-glam makeup look for the summer.