Kraft Is Releasing A New Product And It’s…Ice Cream?

Kraft is one of those most iconic companies of all time, and it is most well-known for its brand of macaroni and cheese, and which has been a fan-favorite of millions of people since the 1930s, when the brand of cheesy pasta was first released. Tons of people take a bite of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and are instantly transported to a time of childhood and nostalgia, where it seems like nothing can go wrong. It’s definitely no secret why that little box of pasta magic is loved by kids and grown-ups alike.

Which is why Kraft is releasing another mac and cheese-based food product: ice cream.

Kraft has decided to team up with the well-renowned Brooklyn-based ice creamery, Van Leeuwen, to bring a one-of-a-kind, limited edition new ice cream flavor to the table, which is going to replicate the amazing taste of macaroni and cheese into a creamy frozen treat.

The reason for this unique and creative dessert idea was actually an idea that was thought up by the company itself, as they came out to say that they wanted to put a special summer spin on a time-honored classic. Ice cream and macaroni and cheese are two of the biggest comfort foods ever known, so what could possibly be better than combining these two incredible foods into an amazing dessert that is destined to be successful?

Unfortunately, most of the public appears to disagree with the well-intentioned actions of Kraft. After the mac and cheese-flavored ice cream was announced to the public, a lot of people on social media came out to express their disgust and disapproval over it. To them, ice cream and mac and cheese may be extremely delicious separately, it’s definitely not a combination that others would expect, nor is it something that a lot of people want to enjoy. After all, ice cream is sweet and creamy, while mac and cheese is savory and cheesy. These two foods couldn’t possibly make for a good combination, right?

Actually, the idea might not be as bad as some might think. When a group of taste-testers from decided to give the frozen treat the benefit of the doubt, some actually came to find the ice cream to actually be quite enjoyable.

One person had this to say:

”The mac n’ cheese ice cream was completely different from what I assumed to be—who wanted a burger, frozen and laden with sugar, I thought. But a spoonful was all I needed to change my thoughts on it.”

They also said that the flavor was a lot like butterscotch toffee, with salted caramel on top, but the aftertaste definitely left a taste of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Regardless of what other people might think, the very best way to decide if a product is all that it’s cracked up to be is by taking the plunge yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually end up liking macaroni and cheese-flavored ice cream better than you like actual macaroni and cheese.