This Creamy Lemonade Recipe Will Make The Day Sweet

Whether you’re chilling near the beach or the lake, or you’re laying back and relaxing in your backyard, there’s nothing like a nice, cold lemonade to make a summer day amazing. It’s somewhat better than a soda, and it’s a classic drink that pairs well with any grilled food, making it an ideal summer drink. However, lemonade is a drink that can be pretty done to death, as it is made with fairly simple ingredients (lemon, sugar, and water). That’s why a video on TikTok has recently gone viral with an amazing “creamy lemonade” recipe that is sure to be a hit with the crowd at your next summer barbecue.

This amazing recipe, posted to Tik-Tok by the account “Hayzee Girls”, has gone insanely viral with five million views and counting. It’s an amazingly unique twist on your average everyday lemonade, utilizing a unique ingredient that one might not be so quick to expect: condensed milk. Adding it gives a sweet, smooth flavor and texture feel to an otherwise tart beverage, Think of it being somewhat similar to a lemon meringue pie, but in a glass. However you perceive it, it makes for an amazing drink that you’ll be making and drinking again and again!

Not only is this creamy lemonade recipe perfectly amazing on its own, but you’re more than welcome to add your own variations to this drink to make it your own design! You can try adding different types of fruit, like strawberries and raspberries, or you could try adding something aromatic to the lemonade to try and shake things up, like mint or lavender. If you’re looking for something more of the alcoholic side, you can add lime-flavored or whipped-cream flavored vodka to it. The best part is that you can add anything you want since you’re the one making it. Go crazy and do whatever you want!

The recipe is very easy to follow, and a lot of people have dueted and stitched the popular TikTok video to showcase their own attempts at making the “creamy lemonade” recipe, and it has been nothing less than success to everyone who has tried it. Written below is the recipe, and now you can take a crack at making it yourself, and remember, have fun with it!

Creamy Lemonade Recipe
1. 2 large lemons
2. 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
3. Ice
4. Water (or seltzer, if you wish)
5. Fruit or other additions (optional)

1. Juice the two large lemons into the cup (or another container if you are planning to mix the ingredients before pouring them into the cup).
2. Take your sweetened condensed milk and add it to the lemon juice before mixing it all.
(Optional step: If you are planning on adding any other sort of addition to the drink, you can go ahead and add the ingredients to the juice mixture).
3. After mixing, pour the mixture into the cup and add ice to the top.
4. Add water or seltzer until the top of the glass is filled, then mixed again.
5. Enjoy!

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