5 Obscure and Cool Websites That You Should Check Out

There’s a lot of good online content that gets viewed by a lot of people, but there is also a lot of good online content that goes unnoticed by a lot of people as well.

Here’s a short list of cool and obscure websites that you should check out when you have some free time.


Created and run by an anonymous 22-year-old African American male college student living in Los Angeles, California, ho0dspice.com is a website for young men and women who have an interest or passion for art, beauty, fashion and media.

Ho0dspice.com also has articles about bougie behavior, spiritual baths, mangas, beauty aesthetics, personal fashion style and guides about tattoos, gold and silver jewelry, nails, makeup looks, lip gloss, clear skin, relationships, self-love and confidence.


Founded by model, image consultant, and lifestyle strategist Arryana Tate in 2019, luxegirldiaries.com is a website for women who want to have a luxurious image, lifestyle or mindset.

Luxegirldiaries.com has guides about feminine rituals, masculine energy, feminine energy, magnetism, journaling, luxury cars and positive affirmations.


Operated by author, podcast host, manifestation expert and coach Kathrin Zenkina, manifestationbabe.com is a website for women who want to achieve their optimistic and seemingly unrealistic goals through manifestation.

Manifestationbabe.com has manifestation quizzes, guided meditations, downloadable graphics, workbooks, worksheets, venerable text, 5-day challenges, PDF printable cheat sheets, video seminars and etcetera for occasional website visitors and frequent website visitors, account owners and email subscribers.


Developed by anonymous female Tumblr blogger babyphat05, sheissobougie.com is a website that gives young women the necessary tools and tips that they need in order for them to live up to their full potential.

Sheissobougie.com has how to articles, let’s talk articles, and analysis about femininity, vibrations, solitude, social media, music, pretty privilege, fashion archetypes, organization, preparation, public image, nightly routines, famous female celebrities and fictional female characters.


Started by anonymous female Tumblr blogger thevirgodoll, thevirgodoll.com is a new website that provides women with articles that’ll allow them to level up in numerous areas of their lives.

Thevirgodoll.com currently has three lifestyle articles that are titled doll diaries about desired reinvention, boundaries and knowledge and more doll diaries on the way.


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