4 Unwritten Rules About Society That You Should Know

As one grows up and tries to get by in society, they grow to learn that things aren’t always as black-and-white as they might seem. A lot of people seem to have their own conduct on how they might see the world and how they choose to act in said world, and people tend to follow more rules that are unwritten than rules that are actually written down. Disobeying these rules on sparse occasions is an easily forgivable offense because everyone is bound to make faux pas in their lives, but don’t make these offenses a habit, since breaking these rules affects (and irritates) everyone around them.

So what are these rules that we should avoid breaking in everyday life?

If you borrow something, return it in the same condition

When you lend something to someone, (whether it’s a favorite book or an article of clothing) you’re not just lending someone your personal property, you’re lending them a part of yourself, and the way that they might treat the thing that you have lent them can be a telltale sign of how they might treat you. If you’re in this situation, try to handle the borrowed object with care and treat it better than how you might treat your own property. If someone else is borrowing from you, be sure to hold the borrower accountable for their actions.

Your friends don’t owe you a discount at the place they work

It’s always an exciting experience when you learn that your friend has a new job, and most people see nothing wrong with visiting their friends at their new place of work and offering a few words of encouragement, but here’s a thing: if your friend works somewhere that sells something that you want, it’s not a good idea to try and get your friend to give you items at a discount or for free. Some people might feel comfortable going behind their supervisor’s back, but not everyone is like that. Comfort or not, they could get in a lot of trouble if they got caught doing so. Try and respect your friend’s wishes, and if you’re the friend in question, don’t succumb to peer pressure.

If it can’t be fixed in ten seconds, don’t bother bringing it up

There’s nothing wrong with pointing out an issue that your friend might unknowingly be undergoing, but it’s always a good idea to handle things with tact and grace. Remember: if it can’t be fixed in ten seconds, don’t bring it up. Food in teeth? Fly unzipped? Go ahead and tell them. Their shirt makes them look fat? Do they have bad acne? Don’t say a word.

If someone is wearing headphones, leave them alone

If you’re ever in public and you see someone wearing headphones and minding their business, it’s often a universal sign that says “Hey, I don’t wish to make conversation right now, please don’t bother me”. In this case, it’s a good idea not to bother or try to talk to the person unless it’s an emergency. Chances are, they won’t be able to hear you anyways.

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