Netflix Hopes To Offer Video Games In The Coming Year

Having been released in 1997, Netflix has grown to become well-known as one of the most reliable streaming services known, offering a plethora of different movies and television shows in a wide variety of genres, with every Netflix account being tailored to each subscription-holder’s preferences, showing them only shows that the holder wants to watch, while also suggesting shows that they might also want to watch.

Netflix does an excellent job of making sure that their clients are satisfied with the service that they get, which is why they’re trying to break through with a new product for users: video games

As video games go through a evolution of growing more and more accessible to the growing generations, modern technology is trying to follow the fast pace by modernizing themselves to the point where users are able to achieve the gaming experience without having to go through all the hassle of going to the store, buying the game, and putting it into your system. These days, you’re able to download a digital copy of the game directly to your system from the comfort of your own couch, making the gaming experience more convenient and comfortable for users everywhere.

Netflix agrees that any media experience should be comfortable and convenient, which is why they’re making a push to expand their content to include playable video games, and they’ve hired former members of the well-known companies, EA and Facebook, to help them make this dream into a reality.

“Mike Verdu will join Netflix as vice president of game development, reporting to Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters.” said the company on Wednesday. Back when he was working with Facebook as their vice president, Verdu had previously been in charge of working alongside developers in order to bring games and other virtual content to Oculus virtual reality headsets.

The person who gave the following statements wishes to remain anonymous because of the private deliberations of the whole operation, but they had this to say on the matter:

”The idea is to offer video games on Netflix’s streaming platform within the next year. The games will appear alongside current fare as a new programming genre—similar to what Netflix did with documentaries or stand-up specials. The company doesn’t currently plan to charge extra for the content.”

What this means for current users is that the content that will be added to the future will presumably be free for subscription-holders to play, which is good news for a lot of people. After all, people are already paying a little under fourteen dollars a month for great television shows and movies to watch, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that video games will be included in the package, right?

Netflix has already utilized the “pick-a-choice” option for a lot of original content in their repertoire, so there might be a chance that they’ll soon use this feature to make original video game content for their site. There is still a long way to go with their process, but there is high hope for Netflix to deliver a video-game experience that users won’t soon forget.

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