Skittles Is Hosting A Sanctuary Year-along Sweepstakes

Calling all people with a sweet tooth and a love for candy! Skittles has recently announced that they are hosting a “Skittles Gummies Sanctuary Giveaway” to honor the new brand of Gummies that it had released in February 2021, where it is giving away one of the greatest prizes ever: a year’s supply of the aforementioned gummies. The brand is also choosing to promote the contest in an unconventional and entertaining way.

Shelf of candy in grocery store


On July 15th (and on National Gummi Day, no less), Skittles posted the object of the sweepstakes to their Instagram page: a satirical multi-colored “Gummi Sanctuary”, which housed various gummi animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. The purpose of the sanctuary was to give refuge to all gummi animals to run free and live the longest and best possible lives that they can, where the gummi animals can rest easy knowing that they are safe from being consumed, with Skittles citing their own gummi brand as a suitable and humane eating substitute to eating the candy creatures.

All animals should be treated with dignity and respect, and that happens to include animals of the gummi variety. The campaign pulled on the heartstrings of many people, and they have all clamored to enter the sweepstakes to save the sweet sapiens, as well as doing it to try to win the amazingly sweet prize themselves.

And you can help the animals, too!

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Attached to the Instagram post displaying the “Gummi Sanctuary” and discussing the various sweepstakes rules, there is a website where you can view a PSA video about the “sanctuary” and the boundless benefits that it has for the gummi animals, as well as a petition titled “Squish The Rainbow” that Skittles fans can sign and fill out that states, in a joking manner, that if they ever feel the urge to consume gummi products, they’ll choose Skittles Gummies to soothe their gummi cravings, instead of choosing to endanger the lives of innocent candy animals.

On July 29th, through a random drawing, the Skittles company will select one lucky individual who’s devoted their cause to the gummi animal crusade and reward them with a very satisfying prize: not one, not two, but a lifetime supply of Skittles Gummies, which, according to what the brand has already determined, equals to a whopping 120 packs of the chewy and delicious candy. The packs can come in two sorts of flavors, Original and Wild Berry, which means that the winner can choose to enjoy the candy however they wish to enjoy it. The sky (or, in this case, the rainbow) is the limit!

So, if you have a hankering for gummy candy, and you also have good intentions and want to see some sugar-coated animals get the justice that they so rightfully deserve, then don’t waste any time in making your pledge in the “Squish The Rainbow” petition. The contest ends July 23rd, and the winner of the giveaway is being picked on July 29th, so go and make your pledge today!

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