What Your Favorite Diamond Shape Says About You

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. Engagement rings also hints at a woman’s taste in jewelry.

Pick your favorite diamond shapes that are below and see if they match you and your personality.


This pillow reminiscent diamond shape with a royal European history is a good fit for unapologetic, bold, regal and feminine women who value and embrace traditions from the past because they realize that it’s crucial to the present and the future.


Oblong and luminous in shape and appearance, an oval-shaped diamond is ideal for exuberant, eccentric and enthralling women who want a diamond shape that is just as unique as they are.


In terms of shape and design, a round diamond is simple, elegant and classic. This ultra-popular, highly requested and widely coveted diamond shape is perfect for women who are standard, sophisticated and multifaceted.


Rectangular and symmetrical, an Asscher diamond will be a match made in heaven for mystical and magical women that have an affinity for vintage and antique shops that allow them to have a retro aesthetic that they desire.


Square shaped and equidistant, a princess cut diamond will resonate with women who are optimistic, idealistic, dreamy and romantic like some Disney princesses.


Rectangular and radiant, a radiant cut diamond is a good option for social butterflies who love glamorous clothing and accessories that have a bit of sparkle or shine that matches their interior and exterior.


Rectilinear, step cut, brilliant and clear, an emerald cut diamond is suitable for women who are edgy, flashy, risqué, self assured, strong willed and refreshingly transparent.


Hybrid shaped, tapered and brilliantly cut, a pear cut diamond is essential for adventurous, fun-loving and unpredictable women.


Elongated, slender and tapered, a marquise cut diamond is for dramatic and rebellious women who want a unique piece of jewelry that also makes a statement.


A heart cut diamond represents romance, and female cupids will experience love at first sight when they have a cupid heart in the form of a sparkly and expensive diamond.



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