How Much Money Do Sugar Babies Actually Make?

Sugaring is becoming more popular as young women and wealthy men, join a sugar daddy website. We know this type of dating involves dates at expensive restaurants, prestigious parties, and worldwide travels. But most people are curious about one specific thing: how much money the woman actually receives. So here’s all you need to know in case you were wondering how much does a sugar baby actually make.

No Money From Experience Daddies

If you go on a sugar daddy website, you will see that some people describe themselves as an ”Experience Daddy.” That means that they don’t offer money to women. Instead, they give them the chance to live unique life experiences like spending the night at five-stars hotels during a weekend in Paris. That’s still a beautiful gift that women can benefit from while the experience daddy gets the chance to spend his money with a romantic partner. They believe that money can’t buy happiness and life experiences are more precious. However, some women still need money to afford things they need, so they are not interested in an experience daddy. 

A Little From the Splenda Daddy

Not all men you can find on a sugar daddy website are incredibly wealthy. Some of them are just average guys who want to give everything they have to their partner so she can live the life she deserves. Compared to actual sugar daddies, they might provide women with a small weekly allowance instead of their credit cards with no spending limit to go shopping. They will take them on vacation, but they will probably not leave the country. Some women have no problem with that and appreciate any kind of gifts offered to them, mostly when they genuinely like the guy. However, some sugar babies might not be fully satisfied with them and wait for a real sugar daddy to come. 

A Good Date With Pay Per Meet

Most sugar dating relationships start with pay per meet, meaning the sugar baby receives money every time she goes on a date with her sugar daddy. The lowest amount they can make is usually $100 per date, but some of them make up to $1000 – or even more – per date. Sugar babies make more money if they have sex with their partner or spend the night with them, but this is not always required. Many sugar daddies respect women who do not want to have sex with them and won’t cross their boundaries. However, in smaller cities, the rate per date can be lower, starting at only $50. Everyone is different, so it’s best to have that kind of conversation before agreeing to go on a date to make sure everyone is satisfied. 

A Good Time Thanks to Monthly Allowances

Many sugar daddies choose to offer their long-term sugar babies a monthly allowance so they won’t have to worry about money anymore. This helps them save money that they can use to go to college or pay their bills. An allowance can start at $1000 per month for a platonic relationship, while the luckiest sugar babies make more than 10,000$ a month. It mostly depends on how much time they spend together, how intimate they are, and which special needs are fulfilled. Moreover, some might not directly offer them money but simply pay for their expenses like rent, groceries, and student loans. No matter what, sugar babies love making money for doing what they love: dating an amazing established man. 

A Life of Wealth Thanks to Marriage

Some sugar babies take their relationship to a whole other level by marrying their sugar daddy and promising to spend the rest of their lives with them. Don’t believe all sugaring is only about money. Many people actually fall in love in these kinds of relationships and call each other boyfriend or girlfriend. And once they tie the knot, they share their assets, and everything he owns is now hers, too. Most sugar babies are not even doing this intending to take half of what they have through a divorce. They really do love their partner and the lifestyle they offer. This is how a simple dating experience can turn into a life of luxurious adventures.

Sugaring is just like getting paid to do what you love: dating. No one is forced to do anything, and each couple finds an agreement that suits everyone’s needs. This is how many women can fully dedicate their lives to fun experiences. It can last for a couple of months or even for the rest of their lives.