The Pros & Cons Of Bringing Back Low Rise Pants

Y2K fashion is back. From platform flip-flops to bedazzled Bebe tops, every trend from the 70s is making its way out of the archives and onto TikTok. But while some resurrected looks have received a warm welcome like little t-shirt crop tops, others are a no-go… the return of the low-rise jean. I personally hate low rise jeans not even for the fact that I am most definitely insecure of my stomach but purely just the look of them on women. The style should stay back in time where it belongs but if you love them then by all means go for it. For me, it’s a been there done that type of feeling. I love fashion and fashion is always moving forward every day, this is not fashion-forward this is backward. Getting my personal stance out of the way, here are some pros and cons to bringing back low-rise jeans.


1. They make you look really good

This girl looks so cute in this outfit and you can genuinely tell that she is proud of her outfit and is confident in it. This is a perfect example of Y2K fashion. Now, let’s get to the point. These low rise jeans aren’t super low rise but still feel like it. They go right to her belly button and when paired with a cute belt it looks really good on her. She looks cute, confident, sexy, on trend, fun, and I want to be her friend haha! If not I would at least ask her where she shops and get to shopping from those websites!

2. They are comfortable

They are so much more comfortable than high rise jeans because those are usually tight on your stomach especially after eating haha! What is nice is that they come in so many different styles and types. The ones Bella Hadid is wearing I would consider cargo pants they are super breathable. The girl in the first picture is wearing bootcut low-rise jeans which are also airy. So, they are super nice to wear because they don’t squeeze you and there are so many different styles you can choose from.


1. Your whole stomach is showing

I know for a fact that any woman wearing low-rise pants is going to feel very self-conscious of her stomach. It is one of those things that really doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself. You might feel kinda naked or scandalous after wearing high-rise pants. Like this tweet said a lot of celebrities in the early 2000s had eating disorders because low-rise pants were the trend. These pants really only look good when you have a flat stomach so it is hard for women even if you just have a little stomach you feel like they don’t look good on you.

2. You could easily have a wardrobe malfunction

Tell me not… what if your bending over to pickup something and your underwear shows. Even better what underwear do you wear with these pants? Serious question haha I feel like my underwear would show at least 10 times if I am wearing these pants all day. What if you wanna wear these to a party and drop it low and they rip or you get a whale tale… no thank you. They have to fit you really well around your hips because otherwise you would have to keep pulling them up. Also, I would feel like I need to keep pulling them up regardless because I am so used to high-waisted pants.

Pro vs. Con

I think there are equal sides to both arguments should we bring them back or should we not. I personally will not be partaking in these pants because I just don’t like the style. I think it makes women judge their bodies when they should be so confident because we all have beautiful bodies and we need to embrace them. Which could also be a reason to bring them back idk haha! I’m going to leave it up to the fashion world and to you!

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