Wendy’s Is Saying Goodbye To A Fan-Favorite Sauce

As many kinds of fast-food connoisseurs will tell you, fans take their dipping sauces very seriously. Whether you choose to dip your fries or to dip your nuggets, many people will tell you that nothing quite completes a meal like an extraordinary sauce. Wendy’s agrees with this statement, which is why the company has taken the liberty to introduce a brand new sauce that fans, new and old, are sure to get a kick out of.

But will fans be happy to hear that they might have to trade an old sauce to get a new one?


The new sauce that Wendy’s has already distributed to a few locations is called “Ghost Pepper Ranch”, which, if the name hasn’t clued you in yet, is a sauce that is made with ghost peppers, which are some of the spiciest peppers known to man. They’re not a pepper to be taken lightly, and they are definitely not something for the faint of heart, and diehard spice fans are more than excited to put the sauce to the test.

However, as Ghost Pepper Ranch has been making its debut, frequent Wendy’s customers have begun to notice a bit of a reoccurring trend: whenever Ghost Pepper Ranch is added to the menu, a fan-favorite sauce known as “Creamy Siracha Sauce” is suddenly taken off of the menu and made unavailable to customers. The company tried to make the removal as quiet as possible, but even someone who’s new to the sauce game could put two and two together.

And people are peeved.


As folks have begun to make the connection between the arrival of the new sauce and the removal of the other, fans from all over have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to voice their disappointment about the event, not shying away from using inappropriate language and harsh wording to make it apparent that they are deeply unhappy about it.

Some fans have been very vocal about it, saying that the Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce wasn’t as delicious or spicy as advertised, making it, in the eyes of certain customers, a terrible trade-off. Others have compared the change to when Wendy’s had taken another fan-favorite item, the spicy chicken nuggets, off of the menu, sparking a similar wave of backlash. A vast number of people have simply stated that the change has turned them off from Wendy’s entirely, stating that they will never eat at any of their restaurants ever again.

While Wendy’s made it blatantly clear that they have a unique and bold social media presence themselves, the amount of backlash that they have received has been very extreme, even by their standards.

Since Wendy’s has tried its best to be accommodating to their customers during the pandemic, utilizing services and following health and safety guidelines thoroughly, it’s only fair for their customers to be patient as the company takes time to rectify any mistakes that may have been made, but this needs to be remembered: sometimes, tough decisions, even ones about condiments, have to be made.