Damon Wayans Jr. Will Host New “Frogger” Game Show

As many people in the 90s (and even the 80s!) will be sure to tell you, “Frogger” was one of the most popular video games to play. Many people have the fond memory of saving up quarters during the week before heading down to their local arcade during the weekend, playing for hours and hours to try and win enough points to reach the coveted high score slot, which would earn them bragging rights amongst their young peers.

Fans of video games and nostalgia alike are going to be thrilled when they hear that television executives have recently come out with a fantastic new idea: a game show based around the popular video game, with the host being revealed as none other than the incredibly talented Damon Wayans Jr.


The object of “Frogger” is actually a quite simple concept to understand: the player plays as an adorable little frog and, using the joystick and buttons on the arcade machine, you maneuver your little frog character across the screen to a finish point to complete a level, while also trying to make your way around various dangerous objects that can kill your character, such as alligators posing as logs and cars speeding down the digital freeway. Sounds fun, right?

Peacock picked up the game show idea, which had a similar premise to the game, but with a crazy little twist: the contestant would be the one who plays as the adorable little frog character, and they would then go through a series of intense and, perhaps, grueling physical challenges that the contestants would have to go through. Similar to other popular game shows such as Wipeout and Holey Moley, the contestant would have to complete the challenges to make it to the next level.

Damon Wayans Jr. looking at camera

Since the show’s release date seems to still be under wraps at the moment, the show still seems to be in the developmental phase, but a few details seem to have already been released: there will be twelve different challenges that the contestant will have to go through, such as jumping over fake alligators and hippos, as well dodging fake traffic. If the contestant manages to get through all twelve challenges, they will be able to get their hands on a pretty sweet prize: $100,000. For that much money, It can only be assumed that people would be willing to jump over real alligators and dodge real traffic.

Damon Wayans Jr. has been introduced as the expected host of the game show, with NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt serving as his co-host.

With reimaginings of popular video games becoming an occurring theme these past couple of years, fans from all over are very stoked to watch the show. After all, when you combine video games with game shows, you get a popular television program that’s bound to be fun for all ages,

There’s no doubt that the challenges will be extremely hard or even humiliating, but that’s just the small price that you have to pay for nostalgia.