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4 Foods That You Should NEVER Have To Compromise On

What’s the most special thing about food? It’s the fact that people can have their food the way that they want it. Everyone could be eating the same thing, but they all have a special way that they like to enjoy it. Food is the very thing that both unites and separates us, and that’s one of the most interesting things about people. Everyone has their own unique way of enjoying food, and some are very unashamed of being picky about it. And why shouldn’t they? Food was made to be enjoyed in any way possible, and nobody should have to settle for less. Here are some foods that people simply refuse to compromise on.


Stack of brownies


If there’s one thing that people absolutely refuse to compromise on, it’s delicious pastries, which happen to include brownies. A lot of people have different ways that they like to enjoy the chocolate-filled treat. For example, some people enjoy the idea of walking into their local bakery and buying their brownies fresh, while others prefer store-bought because they’re less expensive, and some even enjoy just buying the brownie mix so that they can experience the satisfaction of making the brownies themselves. There are also different additives that you can add to brownies, such as chocolate chips, nuts, or even different kinds of candy.


Close-up on steak


Steak is a very interesting thing. It’s one of the only meats that are safe to eat when it’s not cooked all the way, which gives people a wide variety of they can have their steak cooked. Some people prefer their steaks to be medium rare (which is steak that is brown and seared on the outside, but still a little bit pink on the inside) because they think that steak that is well done (which is steak that is cooked all the time all through with no pink) is tough and not very good to eat, but some people actually prefer well done steak because they aren’t comfortable with eating steak that’s partially raw.

Ice cream

Row of various different ice-cream cones


Ice cream is a dessert that everyone loves, but it’s not a dessert that everyone can always agree on. Everyone prefers their own personal favorite flavor. It’s very rare to meet a friend group or family who all like the same flavor. Not to mention all of the toppings that people prefer with their ice cream. Some people might like sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, or even chopped nuts or crushed cookies.


Close-up of a pizza


If there’s one food that has a lot of different versions of itself, it’s pizza. From the different kinds of cheeses you can have on the pizza, to the different toppings that you can have, to even the crust of the pizza, everyone likes to have it a certain way. Some may prefer meaty toppings on their pizza, while others may prefer vegetables. There’s also different types of pizzas, such as Chicago deep-dish pizza, or New York-style pizza. A lot of places have their own unique version of pizza, so you can have it however you want!

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