How To Remove Abusive Comments On Instagram

Instagram, like many other social media websites, prides itself on letting its users express themselves creatively, whether it’s by posting art, cute pictures, funny videos, and whatever else they want. It’s a platform that people can rely on where they are free to express themselves however they might choose to, free of judgment and bad vibes.

However, no one, on any social media platform to date, is free from people being jealous of their creativity and choosing to kill their joy by leaving a hurtful or offensive comment on their posts.


Whenever this happens, users can feel powerless, unable to process the negative critiques, and unsure of how to handle the situation. You could face the troll or hater head-on and call them out, but this sort of protocol only backfires, because this is what trolls usually want: attention and reactions to the rude things that they’d say. By giving them a reaction, you’re only giving the trolls what they way, which is why an alternative solution is needed.

Facebook, who had bought the Instagram site in 2012, defines hate speech as “a direct attack against people—rather than concepts or institutions—on the basis of what we call protected characteristics”. These are characteristics of people that are personal and part of our individual identities, such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability. These are the things that make us who we are, and it can really upset us when someone launches a personal attack on the part of our beings who make up who we are, so it’s best to know what the necessary actions are to take.


Here’s how you can delete or report hateful or unwanted comments on your Instagram posts:

If you are using an iPhone, you swipe left on the comment that you wish to get rid of. If you’re an Android user, then simply tap on the comment that you want to get rid of. Swipe or tap on the unwanted comment until you see the options that you want.

How to report comments on your post

  • Swipe or tap the comment until a selection of options pops up.
  • Tap “Report This Comment” if you’re using an iPhone, or “Report this comment” if you’re using an Android.
  • Select the reason that you’re reporting the comment. Depending on the reason that you might want to report it for, it might either send the report right away, or it might choose to ask you more questions to get the specifics on the reason that you’re reporting it for.
  • Submit your report.
  • How to delete comments from your post

  • Open up all of the comments by pressing the “view all comments” button
  • Swipe left over the comment if you are using an iPhone, tap the comment if you are using an Android.
  • Hit the “trash” icon on the list of options.
  • Social media should be a fun and safe platform that anyone can express themselves on, so it’s sad when people try to take this happiness away from us, but by utilizing these tips, we can make Instagram more fun for everyone.