Top Countries For Your Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is a very important moment in the life of any couple. Therefore, everyone wants to organize this day unusually and remember it for a lifetime.

Today, the newlyweds have ample opportunities for organizing a wedding unconventionally and fascinatingly. You can say the long-awaited “I do” on the seacoast or in the golden sands of the desert, and perform your first wedding dance in an ancient castle of the Middle Ages or the emerald waters of a coral reef. So, let’s quickly move on to the list of countries for your wonderful wedding ceremony abroad.


If you dream of adventure and strive for new unexplored sensations, then this is what you need. A romantic cruise around the beautiful Seychelles – scenic coastline and ocean majesty. Dressed in light snow-white clothes, you can swear your love to each other away from civilization on a deserted beach.

Paris, France

You can choose almost any place in France for an unforgettable wedding ceremony – in an old picturesque castle, in a villa, in Versailles, in the castles of the Loire, Provence or the Cote d’Azur! And, surely, in Paris! The refined charm, the special fascination of this city, its attractiveness will make this important day in your life even more romantic.

Dubai, UAE

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Dreaming of a luxurious wedding in one of the most modern and technological metropolises in the world? You should definitely get married in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa observation deck or the banquet hall of a high-class hotel, in addition to luxury cars rented from one of the local companies, will surely impress your guests. Such a wedding will be remembered for a lifetime. After the celebration, you can go on a desert safari or spend time with your loved one on a white-sandy beach.


The Maldives has long been a popular wedding destination for those looking to tie the knot abroad. The islands attract couples with their secluded beaches and luxury hotels. You can have your ceremony underwater. Picturesque corals and numerous colorful tropical fish will be the backdrop for wedding photos. A romantic dinner will take place in an underwater restaurant with glass walls and a roof. This will make you feel like a part of a fabulous underwater kingdom!


Bali is an island of eternally bright sun and an endlessly warm ocean. Here you can make any dream of having your wedding ceremony come true. White sand beaches, ancient temples of the unique culture of Bali, Catholic churches and chapels, picturesque villages, hotels – all these places are for the perfect wedding!

Las Vegas, USA


A wedding in Las Vegas is an option for thrill-seekers and adventurous honeymooners. Las Vegas is a real classic for those who decide to get married quickly and in a fun way, and maybe even secretly. The simplest procedure for registering a marriage in the world has place exactly in the capital of the gambling world. After that, you can safely go to the casino and bet on the date of your acquaintance or the bride’s favorite number. You will definitely get lucky!


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Not the most exotic place for a wedding, but reliable and proven by hundreds of newlyweds. Thailand is chosen for its diversity. Here you can find ancient Buddhist temples, windsurfing, Thai massage, and amazing islands, the most famous of which are Phuket and Koh Samui, and even have your wedding underwater. The ever-summer country where even tropical rains do not occur all over the territory at once.


Absolutely! Definitely! Greece is an island state, and maybe that is why it is so popular with those who want their wedding abroad. Stunning views, sunsets, mountains, and the sea is all around. Especially, we would like to note Santorini, the architecture of which seems to have been created for decorations for a wedding celebration.


Portugal is suitable for those who do not want usual resorts and routes. The country is famous for its old castles, wine estates, cute streets, and picturesque cliffs. And the southern coastline of the Algarve, with its sea caves and impressive cliffs, is regularly included in the top list of the best beaches in Europe.

To hold a luxurious and original wedding ceremony abroad and get unique pictures is far from a fairy tale. It is a reality of the modern world. Moreover, the wedding abroad often provides an opportunity to save money and get unforgettable vivid emotions and superior services. This is how you can organize any wedding anniversary, and renew your vows of true love as well. Good luck!

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