Simone Biles Has Left The Olympics, But She’s Doing Okay

After completing her first rotation on vault on Tuesday, July 27th, Simone Biles has formally withdrawn from the women’s gymnastics team final at the Tokyo Olympics.
Fans have been somewhat concerned about the development, since Biles has been seen to be a very talented athlete, as well as America’s most decorated gymnast, for that matter, but she still seems to be doing alright for the most part.

Shot of Simone Biles smiling


When Biles first sat out from the competition, USA Gymnastics confirmed that it was due to a “medical issue”.

“She will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.” Officials said in their statement.

While fans’ first thoughts while hearing the news might have made them think that Biles had suffered a physical injury during her set, the young athlete soon revealed during a press conference that the issue that she was dealing with was not actually a physical problem, but a mental one.

Biles had admitted to not having been in the proper headspace for the competition, and that she needed to work on her mindfulness, even if it meant not allowing herself to compete on the finals with her fellow teammates.

Shot of Simone Biles smiling and waving


“I was just, like, shaking, and could barely nap. I just never felt like this going into a competition before, and I tried going out there and have fun.” Biles had said.

After finishing her performance with a score of 13.766 (the lowest score of the first rotation), Biles had made the realization of how the performance “wasn’t her best” and she decided that the best solution, the one that did not involve her negatively impacting her teammates, was to simply bow out of the following competition completely and letting her fellow athletes take the lead from there.

Everything was not a total loss, however, as the USA team did end up winning the second-place silver medal while the team from Russia won the gold, with Great Britain was following close behind the both of them as the third-place winner, earning their team a brass medal.

While Biles did feel a little bit of remorse from pulling out of the competition, she still had a lot of hope that her fellow teammates would pull through and win big. “I knew my girls would do an absolutely great job, and I didn’t want to risk a team the medal for my screwups because they’ve worked way too hard for that so I just decided that those girls need to go and do the rest of the competition.” She has said.

While fans are disappointed that Simone Biles will not be competing in the final rotations with her teammates, they are also being perfectly understandable about her plight. The last two years have been nothing but stressful with the pandemic and having to compete in an event like the Olympics, as well as having to deal with the latest Delta variant of the virus, could run a toll on anyone’s mental health, and fans and friends from all over are sending their thoughts and well wishes to Biles as she recovers.

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