5 Healing Crystals That Can Benefit You

Crystals are gorgeous and shiny little rocks that can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are very pretty to look at, and they can be used as little knick-knacks that can be used throughout your house. However, did you know that they actually have a lot more different purposes?

Crystals are actually best known for their innate ability to produce good energies and filter out bad energies, which can be very useful for day-to-day living. A lot of people tend to rely on the healing power of crystals to help with different sorts of things since crystals can help enhance things like creativity, productivity, and energy. If you’re ever somewhere where you’re able to snag yourself a crystal or two, consider grabbing a few of these crystals for yourself:

Rose Quartz for the heart

Little pile of rose quartz stones


Rose quartz is a universally-known healing crystal, and is most well-known for its abilities of healing feelings of the heart, and it is considered as the “stone of love”. Rose quartz can also attract kindness, bring trust and harmony into your relationships, dispel negativity, and promote self-forgiveness.

Pyrite for motivation

Pile of pieces of pyrite


Pyrite is also known as “fool’s gold”, but it has other properties than just tricking prospectors. It’s known as the “stone of action” and helps you strengthen your motivation and confidence, as well as protects you from negative external influences, such as manipulation and toxicity, and unwanted opinions.

Citrine for happiness

Someone in a yellow shirt holding a citrine crystal


Citrine is known as the “stone of prosperity”, and can enhance happiness, optimism, and motivation, as well as dispel negative things such as depression and self-destructive behavior. Citrine also boosts your self-esteem and strengthens emotions like enthusiasm and delight.

Amethyst for clarity

Bowl of amethyst stones


Amethyst is known as the “talisman of success” and is very useful as a calming crystal that can help you keep your emotions, both negative and positive ones, at a healthy level. Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes, and amethyst can help you find clarity in times of crisis and help you keep calm during stressful times. If there’s any crystal that you should get, think about picking up an amethyst.

Black Obsidian for warding off negativity

Line-up of black obsidian stones


Black obsidian helps absorb and dispel any sort of negative energies or bad vibes in your life. It draws out mental stress and tension in your life and helps take it away, and it also stimulates growth on all levels of life, and it encourages exploration of the unknown and opening mew horizons. It can also protect you from any psychic attacks that others might wish upon you.

Whichever crystal that you might think about choosing, just trust in its healing capabilities and let them take care of all of the worries and stress that you might have in your life at the moment. Also, if you’re ever looking in the market for crystals, be sure to do your research on each of their healing properties so that you’re able to find the right crystal that can help you.

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