I Dyed My Hair Pink For The Summer

I dyed my hair pink for fun this summer! I have never dyed my hair up until last summer when I tried to dye it pink but it only lasted 2 days so here we are again! If you have never dyed your hair a fun color I think you should haha, its time. So if your going to dye your hair you should definitely use temporary hair color dye. I highly recommend looking for good hair color dyes because some are really damaging to your hair. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can seriously fuck up your hair. I like to read reviews of the hair dyes I’m looking at using to see if other people like it and if I should use it. My mom used to be a hairstylist and I love watching hair dyeing videos so I feel like I have some experience lol. Just for reference I used Moroccan Oil color depositing mask and I used both of these colors.

Morroccan oil color depositing mask

Step 1

Always Test The Hair Dye

Shutterstock- pink hair dye tester strip

We did a tester strip of pink on my hair, with both colors to see which one I wanted to do, then on the right we combined the two and really liked that so we chose to combine both and do it all over my head. My hair was already blonde with the roots being brown so I didn’t have to bleach or do anything besides the color! You always want to do a tester either on your skin or on your hair to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the hair dye. Also I like to see what the color is actually going to look like on your hair. Sometimes it is hard to tell what color your hair will actually turn out to be so always do a test strip. I’m so glad I did a test strip because the rose gold color is very faint on my hair and definitely wouldn’t have lasted.

Step 2


sectioned hair, sitting up, looking at the back of hair

The best way to dye hair and make sure you get all of it, is to section out your hair and go through a little bit at a time. This was the first sections we made and obviously we broke them down into smaller sections as we went along. I don’t know about you but I love watching Brad Mondo and all of his hair videos. He always says to make sure you section the hair and start at the bottom and work your way up. This is also super important if you have to bleach your hair before doing a fun color. Along with that don’t do your roots!! or if you really want to do it as the very last thing because that part of your hair doesn’t need much time at all to lighten. Please be careful with bleaching your hair, if you can avoid it do it!

Step 3

Dye Your Hair!!


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Here is the whole process… It honestly probably only took like 45 minutes because this specific hair dye reaches its full saturation after 10 minutes. My roommate basically did it for me and she has never done hair before. She killed it haha! I love this color on me with the dark roots, I think it also would have looked good if I had blonde roots and they were all pink too but I didn’t want to damage my hair more than I already have. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe it will push you to try a new color!

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