Simone Biles Earns Bronze Medal After Return To Olympics

The Tokyo Olympic Games have been going strong for the last couple of days, and as day 12 has started, the events have many focused of specific categories such as basketball, soccer, and, to everyone’s excitement, gymnastics.

Fans of gymnastics have gained a tremendous win this season as, after returning from the short break that she has recently took, Simone Biles has won the bronze medal for her team during the gymnastics balance beam event, which is the last gymnastics event of the Games.

Simone Biles performing at an event


After suffering an unfortunate score during her routine in her team’s final, Biles decided to take the incident as a learning opportunity and take a little break “in order to focus on her mental health” as the rest of her team went ahead and continued on in the Games.

Biles is a very impressive gymnast, so her absence was perhaps a major drawback for the rest of her team’s overall score, but she knew that she’d be letting her team down if she continued participating, so she did the responsible thing and placed all fo her hope in her fellow teammates as she took a well-deserved break to focus on herself.

However, Biles made a promise to the public that she would still be willing to participate in the final event once that she was in the proper headspace to do so, and as the Games have made it to the twelfth day, she has made good on her progress.

Simone Biles with her arms up


As Biles’ performed as her teammates cheered us on, she earned a score of 14.000, which was good enough to earn her what would be her seventh Olympic medal. This ties her with another athlete, Shannon Miller, for the most Olympic medals in US gymnastics history.

”I was proud of myself just to go out there after what I’ve been through.” Biles had said after earning her bronze medal.

Another time that Biles has won the bronze was during the Rio Olympics in 2016, which was also the year where she won four gold medals during those same Games.

While Biles has won gold medals before, she definitely feels like the bronze medal that she had won felt “much sweeter” to win after all that she had been through.

“It means more than all of the golds because I’ve pushed through so much the last five years and the last week while I’ve ever been there.” she had been reported to say.

While Simone Biles has been through a lot of hardship this past week, she decided to get back up and work for something that she rightfully deserved, which is definitely a good lesson that young athletes can learn from, especially if they’ve ever been in a similar situation that she’s been in, where the obvious lesson is this: no matter how many times you may be knocked down, it’s important to keep getting back up and working hard for what you want, as this is the only way that you can truly achieve your dreams.

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