American Airlines Adds Tik-Tok To In-Flight Entertainment

Whenever you’re traveling on an airplane, one can often find themselves on a fight that’s a couple of hours long, but then there’s nothing to do. Most of the time, people often rely on their phones for entertainment, but sometimes the WiFi is too expensive to use, or the free in-flight movies or TV shows that a plane might have in their system doesn’t have anything that you might want to watch, so what else is there to do?

Well, it’s a major win for TikTok fans everywhere, because American Airlines has recently announced that it is now including the popular app in the in-flight entertainment list.


According to a press release that was put out by the company, passengers will now be allowed to use the TikTok app for up to 30 minutes, which gives you time to watch 10 of the new 3-minute videos that TikTok has recently made available to users, and of course, you can also use the time to watch more videos that are a tad bit shorter.

Also, if you happen to not have the app, American Airlines says that TikTok is available to download for free while you’re in the air.

The reason that American Airlines is trying to add new stuff to the in-flight entertainment selection is because the focus on flying has been lacking as of late, due to the number of people who usually fly dropping tremendously due to the pandemic. Adding an app like TikTok to the selection will bring the younger fliers back to their company once the pandemic has calmed down.


American Airlines is also not the first airline trying to add new stuff to their roster: United Airlines, one of American’s competitors, has added numerous tech upgrades to their own planes, such as allowing passengers to pre-order in-flight snacks, as well as adding planes that support Bluetooth audio for the in-seat screens.

This also isn’t the first time that American Airlines has added new features to their system, either. American has also recently allowed their passengers the option of being able to use Facebook Messenger, as a way of keeping  in touch with their friends and loved ones while on the air, which gives passengers a connection to the outside world while they’re traveling the world.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that not all airlines offer the same services as other airlines might, so it might not be the best idea to plan all of your trips around free TikTok unless you know exactly what services your specific airport is offering.

This new TikTok feature is also a “trial run” for the airline, so only time will tell if the feature will be a hit among passengers, which is highly likely due to the app’s popularity.

Whichever airline you might decide to travel, just make sure to keep yourself safe if you must travel during the pandemic. Keep your hands clean and make sure to follow mask-wearing and social-distancing guidelines set by the CDC in your area, and, as always, have fun.