How Lack of Sleep Can Make You Unpopular

When you think about the aspects of a healthy lifestyle, there are many different parts of it that you have to make a habit of doing to get the results you desire. Along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, adequate amounts of sleep are preferable for healthy living. Sleep helps you reduce your stress and lower your risk of high blood pressure, as well as help you think more clearly and focus more.

Lack of sleep not only makes you fatigued all the time and ruins your concentration, but it can also do something crazy: affect your social life. How’s that? Take a look at this:

Not sleeping enough leads to reclusive behavior

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Whenever one finds themselves not sleeping enough, they can find themselves exhibiting reclusive behaviors, which can even affect the people around them. According to researcher’s findings that were published in Nature Communications, people who tend to sleep badly more often find that they are lonelier than others, but it is unclear whether lack of sleep is the cause of loneliness.

The less sleep you have, the more physical distance you require

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In a study, scientists chose to perform an experiment where one group of subjects didn’t get any sleep the whole night, while another group of subjects got to sleep in. Each subject in both groups was then told to gauge how close was “too close” while people were approaching them. The scientists found that the group who didn’t receive any sleep felt like their space was being invaded 18%-60% faster than those who got the sleep. This showed that those who experience a lack of sleep require more of a physical (and social) distance from others.

Not enough sleep can lead to unsociable tendencies

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The same researchers who conducted this study used magnetic resonance imaging (or MRIs) to look at each subject’s brain to get more information. They noticed that while the “near space” networks of the well-rested individuals seemed not to have any sort of abnormalities, the individuals who didn’t have any sleep seemed to be more “braced” and were on high alert for any potential threats. Also, the “theory-of-mind” network, an area of the brain responsible for empathy and sociability, is less pronounced in those with sleep deprivation than those who don’t.

Your lack of sleep can affect others

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Whenever we don’t get enough sleep, this can make us tired and irritable, and thus make us not want to socialize with people. In turn, not being sociable can make others not want to interact with us in the first place because this can make us seem cold, closed off, and socially “repulsive”. This can end up affecting present relationships, and even the ones that we make in the future, too.

However lack of sleep might affect you, none of it is good, which is why it is important to get enough sleep every night to ensure a healthy life that you can prosper in.

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